Bluebird Wins #1 Hemp CBD Company of the Year!

Bluebird Botanicals was declared the #1 Hemp CBD Company at the 2016 Cannabist Awards

The second annual Cannabist Awards were presented November 16th, 2016 at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, honoring the most progressive and brightest names in the cannabis industries. The Cannabist, who ran the awards, is a Denver Post owned journalism company that has quickly become the authoritative voice on cannabis.

Out of the sea of competition, Bluebird Botanicals emerged as the #1 Hemp CBD company!

The four questions considered by the six judges:

  • How unique is the finalist’s work in this category?
  • Is the finalist pushing the cannabis industry into a better future with innovative solutions?
  • How much of an impact is the finalist making in this category?
  • How much does the finalist epitomize the spirit of what’s written in the category description?

It’s a great honor to have our extensive work recognized and to accept the title as #1 brand in the Hemp CBD industry. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for us, and congratulations to all the other deserving winners!

Here’s who won big:


Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California – California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has been named 2016 Cannabist Person of the Year. Newsom was an early supporter of the Proposition 64 campaign to legalize recreational marijuana. (Rich Pedroncelli, The Associated Press)


Hemp – CBD: Bluebird Botanicals
Hemp – Products: Dr. Bronner’s
Hemp – Lifestyle: Hemp History Week


Events – Business: NCIA Cannabis Business Summit
Events – Consumer: The 420 Games
Events – Medical: United Patients Group


Medical Advancements – Research Breakthrough: Ashley C. Bradford & W. David Bradford
Medical Advancements – Researcher: Lester Grinspoon
Medical Advancements – Products: Mary’s Medicinals
Medical Advancement – Pets: Treatibles


Sustainability – Recycling: Sun Grown Packaging
Sustainability – Responsible Pest Management: OG Analytical
Sustainability – Packaging: Restalk


420-Friendly – Security: Blue Line Protection Group
420-Friendly – Legal: Vicente Sederberg LLC
420-Friendly – Finance/Tax: New Era CPAs, LLP
420-Friendly – Lawmaker: U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.


Education – Industry: The Trichome Institute
Education – Public: Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
Education – Consumption: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Good to Know campaign
Education – Academic: Oaksterdam University
Education – Author: Dr. David Casarett, “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medicinal Marijuana”


Marketing – Corporate Culture: O.penVape
Marketing – Agencies: The Rosen Group PR
Marketing – Customer Experience: The Novel Tree
Marketing – Retail Branding: Harborside Health Center
Marketing – Retail Packaging: Stillwater


Community – Philanthropy: Bloom Farms
Community – Volunteerism: Bloom Farms
Community – Innovation: Denver Relief Consulting
Community – Activism: Marijuana Policy Project
Community – Protection: ACLU


Technology – Extraction: Evolab
Technology – Start-up: Grownetics
Technology – Incubator: Canopy Boulder
Technology – Vaporizer: Pax Era
Technology – App: Leafly
Technology – Lighting: Heliospectra LED
Technology – Irrigation: SmartBee Controllers
Technology – Nutrients: General Organics

22 Responses to “Bluebird Wins #1 Hemp CBD Company of the Year!”

    • Oumou Lund

      Hi Brandon

      My 2 year old daughter has gastroparesis and is much much better using your oil. We’ve been ordering from your company for months. However we’re having a very unpleasant experience with our last order. The order got lost on the way here, according to your customer service. Meanwhile we ran out of the bottle we had and my daughter has been unable to keep anything down and has been vomiting since 12/09. My husband called and ordered another one but nothing other than a sample has been offered to us as a customer patience appreciation. As I’m writing this I’m waiting for the 2nd order to get here to give it to my daughter so she can feel better

  1. I’m intereted to buy a 2 ox. bottle of hemp oil seed from Colorado.
    100mg HEMP Seed Oil
    CBD Rich
    No(0) THC
    Organic Extra Virgin
    Either grape or natual flavor.
    Bessie Arbona
    C32 CALLE Belgodere
    URB. Santa Maria
    Guayanilla, Puerto Ricoo00656 Please check shipping charges and advise.

  2. Patricia

    Trying to get cannabis pills to help me with fighting cancer. I have ostoliposcarcoma. I am hoping to get something to help fight this cancer. My hip is fractured and it’s growing across my pelvic area , the tumor. Please give me a call soon as possible if you can help me obtain any medication with marijuana. My number is 361 336 4388. Thank you

  3. I would like to express the gratitude I have for this product! I’ve been buying cannabis at a ridiculous prices ( I come from New York) I had been researching CBD oils, for 2 yrs. It has been a God sent medicine, I suffer from bi-polar, anxiety, racing mind, besides having prostate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, Bluebird Botanicals have fantastic products available, now! IT relieves my mind from racing a million miles, soothes my attitude, and Keeps,
    me more relaxed, what else can you ask for! TOTALLY FANTASTIC.

  4. Kendrah

    This first story I read caught my attention, as I also have depression, bipolar, and severe anxiety! And sometimes I’m in a lot of pain with my pinched nerve and disk issue in my neck.. which leaves me in the bed for days,.. could this help?

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