The Cannabist Business Awards

Bluebird Botanicals is proud to sponsor the 2015 Cannabist Business Awards, where we will give a short speech and present an award at The Denver Post headquarters on December 15th.

The Cannabist is an award-winning cannabis journalism website owned by The Denver Post. We expect hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to participate in the voting and to watch the live online stream of the awards ceremony.

The eight award categories are: Innovation, Community Involvement, Branding & Marketing, Public Education, Eco-Friendly, Technology, Hemp Forward (positive and progressive impact on the hemp industry), and Customer Service.

The link to the Cannabist Business Awards site is And FYI, Bluebird is still eligible for nomination despite our extensive involvement in the event! Both marijuana and hemp companies are eligible for nomination at the Cannabist Awards, but the companies must be formed in the state of Colorado.