A successful visit to our hemp farms and extraction facilities

We just returned from visiting several hemp farms and extraction/analysis facilities, which are the trusted sources of our world class hemp extracts. We have some pictures of our travels with brief descriptions on our facebook page (you can also click the picture link below).

The farmers and scientists we work with overseas are doing an amazing job of continually furthering the quality and analytical capabilities of our hemp extracts. Our relationships with these world-class hemp and technological companies are helping Bluebird Botanicals to dramatically raise the standard of quality for hemp extract oil here in America.

We want what's best for people and what is best for the world, so we are hard at work making sure our hemp oil products are genuinely of the utmost quality that can be produced. The world-class scientists shown in some of the pictures are presently identifying thousands of biochemical constituents in hemp/cannabis that have never before been adequately identified; they are making some of the purest cannabinoid hemp extracts in the world,;and their analytical capabilities are incredibly vast, so it probably goes without saying that we are extremely happy to be working side by side with such a  group of prominent people.