Why Did Bluebird Switch to MCT Oil in Some Products?

Man holding oil dropper

Recently, we switched the carrier oil in some of our products from hemp seed oil or olive oil to organic MCT oil. Since then, we’ve received a few questions from customers wondering how it affects the quality of our products. 

To be as transparent as possible, we want to dive into why we made the switch and answer some of your questions about our MCT oil.

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils are typically derived from plants or nuts, and are used to dilute and dissolve concentrated active compounds to be more effectively used by your body.

For instance, CBD is fat-soluble, meaning it dissolves in fat rather than water. Without a carrier oil to dissolve and carry it to fatty tissues, CBD would quickly pass through your body via the bloodstream, rather than being absorbed and utilized throughout your system.

Did you change carrier oils to save costs?

Nope! The main reason we switched to MCT oil is because it has a longer shelf life than both hemp seed oil and olive oil. The cost of using MCT oil is actually slightly higher for us, but offers better value to you since your products will last longer.

Which products switched to MCT oil?

Here are the products we have switched to MCT oil thus far:

  • Regular Strength (10 mg) Classic CBD Oil
  • Extra Strength (25 mg) Classic CBD Oil
  • Classic CBD Soft Gels
  • Regular Strength (10 mg) Complete CBDA + CBD Oil
  • Extra Strength (25 mg) Complete CBDA + CBD Oil
  • Complete CBDA + CBD Soft Gels
  • Companion CBD Oil
  • Extra Strength (25 mg) Signature CBD Oil

Many of our other products (such as Uplift, Downshift, Clarify, and our Adaptive Stress, Snooze Support, and Dynamic Immune soft gels) already featured MCT as the carrier oil.

Where does your MCT Oil come from?

The MCT oil in our products comes from organic coconut oil and is derived through a process known as fractionation, which is very similar to the process used to get hemp seed oil. 

The fractionation process we use primarily consists of heating and cooling organic coconut oil to separate solid fats from the oil, and does not use any chemical solvents.

How much MCT oil is in one serving?

The amount of MCT oil per serving is dependent upon which products you are using. One serving from our tinctures contains less than 0.5 mL, whereas the soft gels have less than 0.4 mL per serving.

What are the health benefits of MCT oil?

In general, supplementation of MCT oil can offer several potential health benefits, such as supporting healthy weight management along with diet and exercise, supporting cognitive health, and serving as an alternative energy source to glucose.†

However, as we mentioned above, the amount of MCT oil in our products is minimal and much lower than the recommended serving size of 1 tablespoon (or 15 mL); therefore it’s unlikely to offer the same benefits as consuming MCT oil as a supplement.

Does the new carrier oil affect the quality of your products?

Not at all! You’ll still be getting the same high quality, third-party tested supplements that you’re used to, and now they’ll stay shelf-stable for even longer periods of time.

Do you test for allergens?

We do! We test every lot of MCT oil to confirm the absence of proteins that trigger allergic reactions. However, if you have a confirmed or suspected coconut allergy, we recommend consulting with your doctor before trying products that contain MCT oil. (Test results are available upon request.)

We hope this information is helpful if you had some concerns relating to the switch to MCT oil. While we recognize change can sometimes be alarming, we feel confident that this change will improve the quality of our products by making them more shelf-stable and last longer for you.

If you have more questions regarding the switch of our carrier oils, or anything else product related, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to one of our amazing Customer Care Representatives! Our CCR team is ready and willing to assist from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday.

Send us an email to info@bluebirdbotanicals.com.