Where Does Bluebird Source Our CBD?


From the hemp plant, of course!

While that’s technically true, the real answer is a bit more complex than that.

Yes, our CBD comes from the hemp or Cannabis sativa plant. Yes, it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight per federal regulations. But not all hemp is created equal. How the hemp plants are bred, where they’re grown, and how the crop is cared for all makes a huge difference in the quality of the resulting CBD extracts.

Sustainable Farms

Bluebird Botanicals sources all of our CBD from the highest quality hemp grown on pristine farms in Colorado and Oregon. Our farming partners engage in chemical-free, sustainable growing practices, working to preserve the integrity of the land used to grow our hemp. Bluebird’s hemp farm partners also engage in crop rotation to prevent soil erosion and ensure nutrient balance.

Handpicked Hemp

Bluebird’s hemp is handpicked and bred specifically for terpene and cannabinoid contents. We’ve partnered with farmers who grow the plants in pristine soils and sustainable greenhouses to ensure our production has a negligible impact on the environment. Bluebird Botanicals sources its hemp from farmers who use only plant-based pest control methods.

If you’d like to learn more about how we get our CBD from our quality hemp source, check out Bluebird’s Extraction Methods and From Seed to Bottle

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