Bluebird Partners with the Veterans Community Project


Bluebird Botanicals consistently strives to be a mission-driven company. One of the core efforts that bolsters our vision to make wellness “radically accessible to all” is to work with organizations addressing systemic gaps in our country, like the Veterans Community Project (VCP). Bluebird Botanicals recently partnered with the VCP to support their programs. From Friday November 8 through Monday, November 11 - Veterans Day - $1 per purchase of Bluebird CBD benefitted VCP initiatives. 

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The VCP offers a collection of housing-based and other support services intended to help veterans live the lives they deserve. They work with anyone who took the oath to serve, regardless of military discharge status. VCP’s core programming model features a tiny village for veterans, where homes are provided free of charge to those who have served. Their founding site is in Kansas City, MO and currently provides 49 homes to local veterans. 

Their programming is making an incredible difference there, including for a Coast Guard veteran who has gone from homelessness to home ownership through eighteen months of living in VCP Village and using their programs. She’s now set to be the recipient of a new Habitat for Humanity home upon completion of its construction.

VCP is now establishing a new VCP Village site in Longmont, CO that will provide 25 tiny homes to Colorado veterans in-need. The project is slated to start construction in May 2020. VCP will also be opening two Denver-area community centers. These centers provide wraparound services for all local veterans, including those not living in a VCP-provided home. This includes employment advice and other coordinated support intended to help veterans achieve lasting results with regards to health, education, and creating a balanced life. 

Bluebird Botanicals is working alongside VCP to combat veteran homelessness and ensure veterans have access to the support they need. We start with honoring Veterans Day by donating a portion of all sales from now through Monday to VCP, and we will continue to work with VCP to ensure the needs of those who have served our country are being met.

Bluebird Botanicals’ partnership with VCP feeds into our larger vision of leading the hemp industry as a mission-driven organization. As a company, we want to enhance our capacity to make a difference in how wellness is actualized, and to pave the way for true access to health for all. 

Bluebird Botanicals also offers an Assistance Program for veterans, so if you are a veteran or know of a veteran and have not yet inquired about receiving your discount through this program, please contact our Customer Care Team at

VCP works to ensure veterans have everything they need to live with dignity and safety. 

You can support their programs directly by joining their honor corps, sponsoring a project, buying a commemorative brick, or making a donation

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