Award-Winning CBD for Humans AND Pets!

Our CBD has done it again! We’re excited to announce that Bluebird Botanicals’ Companion CBD Oil for pets has received a “Best of Supplements” award from Better Nutrition magazine. 

The annual Best Of Supplement Awards recognize the most exceptional vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements on the market. We’re honored to have our Companion CBD Oil for pets featured because we truly invest the same love and care into our pet products as we do our human products.

Our Companion CBD Oil contains the same full-spectrum hemp extract that our human customers know and love. Yes, you read that right - CBD works for pets just as well as it works for humans! All vertebrates are equipped with an endocannabinoid system, which allows CBD and other cannabinoids to interact with the brain and body. This promotes overall health and wellness, making it an important addition to any pet’s diet.

Curious about how to introduce CBD to your dog or cat? Check out our guide to CBD for beginner pets here.

Our companions aren’t the only ones receiving top-shelf CBD. Our Hemp Classic CBD Oil recently received an A+ rating from Labdoor, an independent testing company that provides important information and research on supplements to consumers. Labdoor graded a series of CBD companies based on criteria such as cannabinoid content (particularly CBD and THC), labeling accuracy, and purity from heavy metal and microbial contamination. 

We’re honored and humbled to receive recognition for the quality of our CBD products. We work hard to make sure our customers are always getting the best of the best, whether those customers are walking on two feet or four. Our mission is to make happy and healthy lifestyles accessible to everyone, after all!

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