Kiss Me, I'm Thrifty! 3 Crafts to Save Green and Go Green this Paddy’s Day

Bluebird Botanicals St. Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrations might be a little...different. But while some of you may be relegated to the confines of your own home, you can still get a little festive with these crafts! These are especially great for parents or caretakers looking after children who are home from school. You can enjoy these fun, easy, and family-friendly activities from the comfort of your home - plus, you can use your leftover CBD bottles!

Save yourself some money and carbon footprint grief by taking a few simple suggestions for green-ing up your Paddy’s Day decorations:

1. Wine bottle lights. 

Fun stamps, glittery shamrocks, and other green-themed party items are festive ways to adorn yourself and home, but they’re typically short-lived purchases that end up in the garbage. Many wine bottles are already green, so this DIY really is as simple as 1,2,3.. Slide some small LED lights or candles inside your bottles, or twist a string light around a few as a simple but elegant way to light up your St. Patrick’s Day.

No wine bottles or LEDs? No problem. You can substitute a candle in a clear glass - or even an old CBD bottle - with green paper wrapped around it, or even just a green ribbon. Get creative!

2. Stamps. 

Along the same vein, you can tie or hot glue four wine corks in a cluster for an easy Shamrock-shaped stamp! Other great household items for stamp-making include old wooden spools, bottle lids, and even small stones. 

3. Noisemakers.

If you’re interested in bringing some volume to your Paddy’s Day celebration (don’t tell your neighbors we condone it), consider constructing a noisemaker from old coffee creamer containers filled with dry beans or lentils. You can decorate it with whatever you have lying around.

Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day.