Draw a Bird and Spread the Love!

Bluebird Botanicals Draw a Bird

Today is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day! While an unofficial holiday, given the intention of the day - and the fact that it deals with birds - Bluebird couldn’t resist spreading a little love today.

According to the Draw a Bird Day site, today’s pictorial celebrations are intended to express joy in the very simplest of things in life and as a way to help forget suffering even if only for a short time. Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is a great opportunity to spend some time being mindfully creative, as well as a way to connect with friends through sharing your drawings. 

Want to join in the fun? Draw a picture of your favorite bird and digitally share it with your friends and family, a neighbor, or whomever you choose! The drawings do not have to be “professionally done,” though the more artistically inclined are free to spread their wings and soar with this one. But the most important thing is to draw your bird and share it. Spread the love!

For the less sure-handed, you can check out these bird coloring pages!

Or, you can take the lead from a short YouTube drawing tutorial. We’d love to see your finished creations, so be sure to tag Bluebird on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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