[Infographic] How to Make Your Own Tasty CBD Snacks

how to make CBD snacks

Love hemp but hate the taste? Don't have time to cook elaborate CBD-infused recipes? We've got you covered. Many of our customers appreciate the plant-like taste of our CBD oils. Because we don't include artificial flavoring in our products, though, many others find the taste of hemp a little bitter and...well, a bit hard to swallow. To those in the latter scenario, we made something special for you. Here are three quick and easy ways to create your own tasty CBD snacks. (We recommend using our Hemp Classic blend in these snacks, as it's our most simple and popular blend).

CBD snacks

Not much of a DIY person? You can still get around the taste of hemp with our CBD capsules containing our Hemp Classic blend. We also offer a flavorless vape oil for a smooth vaping experience. There are a few hemp companies making nutritious and natural CBD-infused snacks and beverages that we love. In fact, we love them so much that you can buy them right from our Bluebird retail store! Here are some of our favorites: