What Makes Bluebird Botanicals Different From Other CBD Companies?


In case you haven’t noticed, CBD is everywhere right now, and we’re not the only company providing CBD product options. But, we can tell you why you should choose CBD that comes from Bluebird. Simply put - Bluebird Botanicals is not like any company you’ve known before.

We’re different because we don’t take shortcuts. 

We don’t cut corners or skip steps. We never settle for anything less than exceptional when it comes to our offerings. We use every opportunity to deliver the most enjoyable experiences to our customers - both in body and in spirit - because it’s the only way we know how to do things. Not only do we want to be the best, but we show that we mean it in every aspect of our business.

One of the ways Bluebird sets ourselves apart is through our commitment to quality and reliability. We’ve sought out and obtained numerous industry certifications that speak to this, including Leaping Bunny Approved cruelty-free.

We’re also certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority program, which serves to educate hemp farmers and processors about Good Manufacturing Practices established by the FDA and Good Agricultural Practices. The U.S. Hemp Authority Seal also indicates to consumers and law enforcers which hemp products they can trust. 

We’ve set the example for the supplements industry at large on what transparency and accountability should look like through our state-of-the-art public batch database system. We went above and beyond in designing a system that is built to empower customers to own their health. Our public batch database allows customers to view third-party lab tests for every single batch of every single product, so they can decide for themselves exactly what they want to put into and onto their bodies.

We’re different because we’re not afraid to blaze our own trail.

In the spirit of the great Robert Frost, we love to take the road less traveled. We’re not afraid to venture off the beaten path in the pursuit of authenticity and real impact. We let our true colors shine and our freak flags fly! We embrace our quirkiness and boldness in business and in culture because that’s what Bluebird was built to be - a place for everyone to be loved and accepted exactly the way they are, and to spread that love to as many others as we can reach. 

We carry this intention into every level of the company. We’ve stood up for ourselves against tech giants, banking institutions, and credit card processors in collaboration with the Hemp Industries Association. We even take over conference rooms in our office building to meditate with our colleagues on a daily basis. We love to infuse our odd bird soul into everything we do.

We’re different because we lead from our heart, not our bank account.

Our purpose is to make happy and healthy lifestyles radically accessible to all. Our vision is to be the mission-driven CBD company that changes lives for the better. Our mission and vision are defined and guided by our company’s core values of generosity, reliability, compassion, altruism, and transparency. 

We strive to embody these values through multiple endeavors. We offer assistance programs to make CBD truly accessible to all. Those who are veterans, low-income, or disabled and may not have equal financial ability to purchase our products can receive substantial discounts on every purchase.

We also partner with nonprofits and charitable organizations to give back to our communities and environment. We’ve worked with benefactors including Paradox Sports, Washington State University’s Honey Bee Project, and Conscious Alliance to serve communities in crisis, athletes with disabilities, and environmental protection groups, respectively. We love each other, and we love the good that we are able to accomplish together.

Likewise, this care for the environment is reflected in our supply chain. Our lotion blends are packaged in biodegradable tubes made from sustainably sourced sugarcane. All of the ingredients in our lotions are non-GMO and cruelty-free because we also believe in caring for Mother Earth like family. 

We’re different because we’re not actually here to sell products – we’re here to guide our customers to happier and healthier lifestyles in whatever way they need.

Our promise to you is short and sweet – we’re always here for you. Whether it’s to answer questions, deliver helpful products and information, or just provide a compassionate shoulder to lean on, we’re here for you. No matter what.