Greener Grass Podcast Now Streaming on Bluebird Botanicals

The Greener Grass podcast has moved to YouTube! Check out our full archive of interviews with movers and shakers in cannabis, psychedelics,  and other topics from the greener side of life - now featured on the Bluebird Botanicals channel.

If you're new to the Greener Grass podcast, check out some of our favorite past interviews:

  • Dr. Julie Holland: the psychiatrist, author, and medical monitor for MDMA and cannabis research
  • Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo: one of the world’s leading chemists and a celebrity in the endocannabinoid science realm
  • Alice O’Leary Randall: justly called the First Lady of Medical Marijuana, an activist hero to us all
  • Lisa Raville: the force of nature behind the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver

Happy listening!