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From biodegradable plastics made from hemp to the booming CBD craze, it’s become abundantly clear that cannabis can. Cannabis as a whole plant boasts a whole host of benefits that have been linked not just to the CBD compound itself, but the hemp plant as a whole. You may have heard the term “entourage effect,” but what exactly does that fancy new addition to your vocabulary actually mean? Join Bluebird as we explore how the two most popular cannabis compounds work in concert to create a luxurious, heavenly hemp experience when it comes to CBD lotion.


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The skin you’re in

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. On average, we humans walk around with approximately 8 pounds and 22 square feet of it to our names. It protects us from our external environment, regulates against temperature extremes, and holds us together, in a somewhat literal sense. It also can absorb materials and make use of them for the body’s benefit. 

Topically-applied products avoid having to pass through the digestive tract. This means that you can focus on just your target areas and more immediate responses may be noted. So take advantage of the skin you’re in and spread love by slathering on the CBD lotion!

THC and CBD work together in your topicals

In CBD lotions that utilize whole-plant hemp extracts, you’ll get a topically-delivered, balanced amount of cannabis cousins THC and CBD, as well as a group of various terpenes. But why does this even matter? 

It’s all about the synergy, baby. Think of cannabis compounds as a well-matched group of rowers effortlessly gliding over a glistening river. It’s not simply about the individual strengths of each team member that matters most but how they work together to keep the boat in balance.

While much still remains to be studied about exactly how CBD, THC, terpenes, and the other elements present in cannabis interact, CBD and THC have distinctive, identified ways they create responses in a mammal’s endocannabinoid system. While we’ll save you the detailed, science-y specifics in today’s regularly-scheduled content, the point here is that the impact of whole plant cannabis - whether ingested or delivered topically - is potentially greater than the sum of its parts.

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This isn’t to say that CBD and other cannabis isolates like CBN and CBG don’t have their place in the hemp space. But most CBD lotion users will find the greatest benefit from products utilizing full-spectrum hemp extract, like Bluebird’s Hemp Essential, Hemp Silk, and Hemp Sport.

It’s not just about hemp extracts - what else is in your product? 

Anyone who has kept a close eye on the beauty world knows that parabens, phalates, and sulfates have become big no-nos, with natural ingredients taking gold as the new winning standard in beauty and body care. 

But it isn’t just the big three bad guys you need to be wary of. Any ingredient that ends up in your CBD lotion bottle should be extensively tested to ensure it’s safe for your skin. That’s why Bluebird Botanicals makes it a priority to thoroughly vet every member of our supply chain, conducting our own testing to verify the absence of harmful chemicals and other residual elements. 

Just like with every product in our CBD line, Bluebird extensively tests our CBD lotions in several iterations throughout the production process, ensuring that what ends up in your tube of CBD lotion not only includes the appropriate concentration of cannabinoids, but also that it will help - not hinder - your wellness journey.

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