Bluebird Botanicals' Extraction Methods

Bluebird Botanicals prides ourselves on transparency and on providing the best CBD products possible to our customers at one of the lower price per milligram in the industry.

But have you ever wondered just what goes into extracting those products from the hemp plant before they end up in your bottle? There are three main extraction methods we use: CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, and steam distillation. 

Let’s explore these extraction methods and learn just what it takes to get CBD from the plant to you. 

For a quick and easy reference of this info with an accompanying graphic, download the Bluebird Botanicals Extraction Methods 1-Pager.

CO2 Extraction

  • This method uses a CO2-filled pressure chamber.
  • CO2 pressure permeates the hemp plant and breaks down plant material.
  • The oil is then collected and the CO2 evaporates out of the chamber.

Ethanol Extraction

  • An ethanol solvent is mixed with plant material, breaking down the inert plant matter.
  • Other leftover plant material is filtered out, leaving cannabinoids and other compounds.
  • The solution is then gently heated and rotated to evaporate off the ethanol solvent.

Steam Distillation

  • Water is heated underneath the glass flask containing the hemp plant, producing steam.
  • As it travels up the container, the steam separates the CBD oil vapors from the hemp plant.
  • These vapors are then collected and further refined through heating and distillation. 
Bluebird's Extraction Methods