How to Make a Hemp Face Mask

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Face Mask DIY

Hi, friends! Bluebird Botanicals here with another fun DIY - a hemp face covering. Pre-2020, a hemp face mask may not have been on your crafting to-do list but, here we are. 

Face masks have become a new wardrobe staple in the era of COVID-19. The CDC is advising the use of face coverings to slow the spread of the virus, and many establishments are requiring them for entry as phased reopening occurs. 

This DIY face mask pattern helps you make an easy, double-layer cloth face mask, and we’ve included a no-sew option. We chose to use durable, hypoallergenic hemp fabric. While typically measured by weight, hemp’s thread count ranges from 250-300, above the 180 minimum thread count recommended for an effective face mask. You can, of course, choose any fabric you have available - just make sure it’s got two layers and can pass the lighter/candle test

Pssst...if you aren’t feeling the DIY spirit, you can always purchase a mask. These ones from Diop aren’t made from hemp, but they’re eye-catching, high-quality, and affordable. A portion of each purchase also helps the work of Feed the Frontlines in Detroit (where DIOP is based), an organization whose work supports Detroit restaurants and provides meals to emergency and healthcare workers. If the bold prints give you pause, feel free to read the company’s statement on Who Can Wear Diop?, or shop something simpler from Besida

Hemp Face Mask Materials

  • Hemp cloth (two 20 in x 20 in squares should be sufficient for both sew and no-sew versions)
  • Paper coffee filter
  • Rubber bands, hair ties, or fabric ties
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Not sure where to source hemp cloth? Here’s a few online hemp cloth retailers below to get you started. 

  1. Hemp Traders
  2. Bulk Hemp Warehouse
  3. Organic Cotton Plus
  4. Hemp Fabric Lab
  5. Amazon
  6. can also always check Etsy!

You can even experiment with using a softer fabric on the interior layer, like hemp silk, to make your mask more comfortable.

Hemp Face Mask Instructions (no sew)

  1. Fold one 20x20” fabric square in half lengthwise, creating a rectangle. 
  2. Cut your coffee filter so that it can lay flat, then place in the center of your hemp fabric rectangle.
  3. Fold the top third of the fabric down, over the filter, and then the bottom third up, creating a long strip of folded fabric.
  4. Place rubber bands or hair ties around the folded fabric, then fold the sides of the mask toward the middle and tuck in (check here for visuals).
  5. Slip rubber bands or ties around your ears, and you’re good to go!

Hemp Face Mask Instructions (sewn)

While a double-layer folded face mask is secure, so long as it fits snugly over your face and mouth, some may choose to sew their face masks to allow them to be easily washed and reused. With just a few adjustments to the steps above, you can set yourself up with something a little more permanent for your hemp face mask. 

The more visual learners among us may prefer to watch this quick DIY video from SimplyDIYs on Youtube to help them along. 

  1. Cut your fabric of choice into two equal-sized 10” x 6” rectangles, arranging so one lies flat over the other.
  2. Fold over ¼” of the long sides and hem. 
  3. Fold over the short sides ½” and stitch. Be sure to leave space to thread through your ear ties.
  4. Thread your ties through the short short sides of the mask, and tie the loops at the ends.
  5. Sew your ear ties in place, and you’re all finished. 

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