7 Ways to Stay Grounded through Mindfulness

Being present can be difficult during times of discomfort. But mindfulness practices are important tools through which we can find grounding, even in the heart of the storm, or the midst of a pandemic. 

Mindfulness has been shown to boost memory, promote satisfaction within relationships, and reduce emotional reactivity. This creates an internal harmony that allows you to move through life more fluidly, easily meeting whatever comes your way.

We at Bluebird may talk about mindfulness a lot but, if we’ve learned anything about how to impact our brains, it’s that repetition is our friend. So here’s a few of our favorite ways to practice mindfulness to help keep you grounded.

  1. Notice, don’t judge. Pay attention to what is going on in your brain, body, and surroundings, but try to approach it with a goal to understand instead of to respond. Be as unbiased as you can. 
  2. Breathe through it. Try to remember to perform one conscious breath a few times each day, or each hour, if you can.
  3. Prioritize compassion. Look for ways to experience the good and alleviate suffering, for both yourself and others.
  4. Find ways to move. Seek out what feels good. One day, your body might crave something invigorating while another, something more restorative. Tune in to yourself and be receptive to your own needs.
  5. Refine your routine. While much of the world’s routines are in standstill, a focus on your own can be a tool for success. Maintain the things that work best for you, like a daily meditation practice or your CBD regimen.
  6. Have mindful meals. Be intentional about what you’re choosing to nourish your body with, and take the time to really savor and enjoy it. Whether it’s a dinner with someone you’re quarantining with or an afternoon by yourself under a tree, treat yourself to presence in those moments. 
  7. Find ways to connect. Call an old friend on FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Tell your sibling about your latest creative endeavor - or even better, embarrassing moment. Cultivate authentic connection, even through technology, by practicing vulnerability and seeking shared human experiences.

If you’ve got a little more capacity to dedicate to your mindfulness activities, you might consider carving out time for conscious reflection. Consider how your practice and lifestyle choices are serving you, particularly during this time of sudden adaptability. As you’re restructuring and reassembling your routines, it can also help you trim away what is no longer serving you, and create a more harmonious way of interacting with your community and yourself.

We hope that this helps you find some grounding and stillness in this ever-changing world. 

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