Healthy New Year's Resolutions Downloadable Worksheet

New Year's Resolutions

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Happy almost New Year to our Bluebird flock!

Boy, it’s been a wild year...and a wild decade, for that matter. 

The team at Bluebird Botanicals is excited to ring in the new year, new decade, and new phase of our journey towards a happier, healthier planet. In case you missed it, Bluebird Botanicals recently earned its B Corp™ Certification, which has reaffirmed our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. It’s also reinvigorated us on our mission to make happy and healthy lifestyles radically accessible to all.

We’ve already been hard at work on this mission, but as we’re facing the beginning of a new decade, it’s a great chance to look at what’s next with renewed clarity and vigor.

Personally, I’ve always loved the fresh beginnings of a new year. While I think any time of year is a good time to start working on a new goal, there’s something about the physical turning of calendars that is particularly powerful. It’s like a mental and emotional reset button. You know - “new year, new me” kinda stuff. It’s not like you’re a different person when the clock strikes midnight, but the spiritual significance of starting a brand new year with a fresh outlook and new goals is particularly poignant. This is especially true this year in the face of a brand new decade. 

We wanted to use this once-in-10-years opportunity to share some tools for setting healthy New Year’s resolutions. Our goal at Bluebird is to empower our customers to live the happy and healthy lifestyle they deserve, whatever that may look like for you. And a healthy, happy lifestyle may indeed look very different to you than it does to your friend or family member.

We created this worksheet to guide healthy resolution-setting in five main categories of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. You can feel free to use this worksheet in whatever way works for you - whether you want to set resolutions in just one or all five areas, the goal is to make it work for you.

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