15 Subscriptions That Make Great Mother's Day Gifts

Bluebird Botanicals 15 Subscription Gifts for Mom

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We know it's a
little bit late to be shopping for Mother’s Day but, to be honest, we’re betting you’ve already got this year’s gifts in hand and perhaps already delivered! However, we wanted to throw out the notion of extending your gifts-for-mom beyond just today and offer a few suggestions for year-round subscription boxes your mama bird might enjoy.

Without further ado, here’s Bluebird’s list of our favorite subscriptions for mom!

  1. Bluebird Subscription
    Did you know that you can save 25% on every order of CBD from Bluebird when you use our ‘subscribe and save’ option at checkout? You can build a custom box of mom’s favorite products, choose how often you want it shipped to her and let us do the rest!

    Cost: varies, dependent on custom products chosen.

    Get Mom A Subscription!

  2. Headspace
    If you’ve been following our blog or social media channels for awhile, you shouldn’t be surprised to see our favorite mindfulness app make this list. Headspace offers a massive library of meditations fit for beginners and gurus alike. Meditations cover topics ranging from stress reduction and healthy sleep habits to productivity and creative thinking. You can trial a free version for two weeks and test out meditations of varying topics and lengths, anywhere from 10 minutes to a full hour.

    Cost: $12.99/month; $69.99/year.

  3. Peace & Pages book club
    This isn’t your standard Reader’s Digest book club. This subscription box takes reading and relaxation to the next level by including a variety of feel-good items sourced from local businesses each month. Each Peace & Pages box features a popular book of various genres and other cozy goodies like candles, bath salts, reed diffusers, and more.

    Cost: Starting at $25.99/month.

  4. Trade Coffee

    While there is an abundance of coffee subscription boxes available online, Trade Coffee is one of the highest rated. Their fancy shmancy algorithm matches each customer’s personal tastes with their ideal coffee blends - and you save 30% and receive free shipping on every order. For life. Caffeine loving mamas - that’s something to celebrate. 

    Cost: Gift options start at $60 one-time fee and vary depending on giftee’s selection of blends and delivery frequency. Per-bag cost ranges from $15-$22.

  5. Winc
    This California-based winery is on a mission to make high-quality wine easier to get and simpler to enjoy. Winc offers a variety of subscription and gift options that let the recipient customize their monthly deliveries to their own personal vino preferences. All it takes to get started is completing a palate profile quiz to find the ideal blends. All your mom has to do is kick back and relax while Winc takes care of the rest!

    Cost: Gift options starting at $60.

  6. Therabox
    Self-care shouldn’t be difficult to achieve...and Therabox goes out of their way to make it as accessible as possible. Each monthly delivery features stress-reducing self-care products like herbal teas and face masks, alongside research-inspired happiness exercises and motivational thought starters. 

    Cost: Starting at $34.99/month.

  7. Petit Vour
    Treat your vegan mamas to ethically sourced plant-based beauty products for her special day and beyond with this monthly subscription box from Petit Vour. Their beauty boxes feature a selection of makeup and skincare products from popular cruelty-free brands like the Seaweed Bath Co, Pacifica, and EiR. Beats a trip to the store AND products are basically offered at a fraction of their normal price.

    Cost: Starting at $54 for 3-month subscription ($18/box).

  8. Scentbird.

    Keep your mom smelling as fresh as the spring flowers with this subscription box from perfume company Scentbird. With over 3,000 luxury brands to choose from, your mom is sure to enjoy her favorite scents shipped right to her door. You can also choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

    Cost: Starting at $44/month.

  9. Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe
    Indulge your mom’s sweet tooth with decadent chocolates from Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe. And we’re not talking about just any chocolate - according to the customer reviews, Nellie’s makes some of the richest, smoothest fudge one has ever tasted. Hard to turn your nose up at a gift like that!

    Cost: Starting at $11.95/box.

  10. Causebox
    Help your mom make ethical living easier with sustainable lifestyle products from Causebox. Each delivery comes with a guaranteed S’well bottle (which is already a great gift on its own) alongside other handpicked, locally-sourced items like reusable cotton grocery bags and vegan leather tote bags. Your mom will be feeling stylish and ethically responsible.

    Cost: Starting at $12.95/box

  11. Bloomin’ Bin
    This is for the green-thumb earth mamas. Bloomin Bin offers a custom-created bin specifically designed to help grow certain in-season plants. The subscription also includes information on growing techniques, so even the novice gardener can enjoy with ease. 

    Cost: Starting at $8/order. 

  12. Sock Panda
    Does your mum have a great sense of style, and a great sense of humor? You might consider snagging her a subscription to Sock Panda, a site that’s stocked with a substantial selection of cute and quirky socks. You can choose the style, number of pairs, and delivery frequency.

    Cost: Starting at $13/month.

  13. Bluum
    Here’s something for mom and babe that’s also great for ‘budding’ moms preparing for a child. Bluum offers subscription boxes that includes goodies for phases from pregnancy to preschool. Products are researched and tested by experts to ensure only the most developmentally appropriate items are included in the box.

    Cost: $34/month.

  14. Nomadik
    This one’s for our adventure-moms out there. Nomadik provides pieces of quality gear from top outdoor retailers at less than regular retail price.

    Cost: Starting at $29.99/box.

  15. Rocksbox
    This jewelry subscription makes sure you’re equipped with the latest and greatest bling every month. You can shop from both local and designer jewelry brands and pick the styles that make your heart sing. Your mama will be shining like the sun with this sweet subscription gift!

    Cost: Starting at $21/month.