Gift Guide for Athletes

athletes gift guide

Whether they run, bike, lift, swim, hike, or do yoga, there's something for them to love in our latest gift guide for athletes!

These items were independently selected by Bluebird staff. Pricing and availability may change at any time.


gifts for athletes


  • Leg splits training stretcher. For a little extra assistance with those tough leg splits.

  • Stretching straps. These straps help provide extra stability and resistance for deep, effective stretches.

  • Yoga wheel. This quality yoga wheel is the ideal partner for moving safely into backbends and other core-focused yoga poses.

  • Yoga mat. Gift them with a beautiful yoga mat to inspire calm during their yoga routine or post-workout stretches.


gifts for athletes cardio


  • Smart jump rope. Upgrade their cardio routine with this smart jump rope that tracks and analyzes workout performance.
  • Gift subscription to Aaptive. For the ones who like to mix up their cardio routines regularly, this app provides access to over 6,000 trainer-led workouts.
  • Agility ladder. If they're looking to improve their acceleration and lateral speed, this flat-rung ladder is the perfect tool to add to their workout.
  • Cardio sliders. Cardio sliders help reduce friction for push-up variations and floor workouts.


gifts for athletes weight resistance training

Weight and resistance training

  • TRX Burn System Bundle and on-demand subscription. This bundle includes the tools they'll need for suspension training, plus a year-long subscription to on-demand workouts.
  • Resistant band set. Resistance bands make it easy to weight-train at home, without needing to purchase a set of free weights.
  • Bala bangles. Help them add a little extra resistance to their existing workout routines - running, walking, yoga, you name it!
  • Ab wheel. This lightweight, portable ab roller will really take their core workouts up a notch.


gifts for athletes outdoor training

 Outdoor training

  • Peak hydration waistpack. This convenient pack makes on-the-go hydration easy and convenient for outdoor adventurers.
  • Men's and women's touchscreen gloves. For chilly weather, comfortable gloves are a must for outdoor workouts. These gloves are touchscreen-enabled, so that they don't have to remove their gloves to use their devices.
  • Reflective beanie. Safety is key for working out in the early winter evenings. Help them stay warm and visible in this reflective beanie.
  • Goodr sunglasses. Protect their peepers with a fabulous pair of sunglasses from Goodr, a 1% for the Planet company.


gifts for athletes recovery


  • Foam roller. Help them transform their post-workout routine with a foam roller designed to relieve muscle tightness and soreness.

  • Women's and men's Bombas compression socks. For those needing circulation support after a workout, these socks are here to help.

  • Mineral bath soaking salts. Treat them to a satisfying post-workout soak in these soothing bath salts, featuring Himalayan and Epsom salts and mustard seed.

  • Bluebird Botanicals Cooling Pain Relief Menthol Cream. Our Cooling Pain Relief Cream is a CBD cream designed to soothe temporary, minor aches and pains.