Conscious Alliance Provides One Million Meals in 2019

A Boulder, CO-based nonprofit announced a major milestone recently: they’ve provided one million meals served to families in need so far in 2019. The one million meals mark brings the total amount of meals served by Conscious Alliance to just over 4 million since the nonprofit’s founding in 2002. 

Conscious Alliance accomplishes its work through multiple longstanding initiatives and collaborations with national musical acts, emerging and established brands, and peer nonprofits. 

In 2019, new collaborations with nonprofits, national touring bands, and natural and organic product brands allowed Conscious Alliance to experience significant growth. Building on their popular ‘Art That Feeds’ Food Drives, Conscious Alliance is now increasing its impact by sending semi-truckloads full of food to remote and rural areas, including Native American reservations.

In addition to new partnerships, Conscious Alliance also received a $100,000 donation from Colorado-based Bluebird Botanicals in 2019. This marked its largest contribution from a business to date in 2019. Bluebird Botanicals’ donation will help support programs that make sure kids don’t spend a weekend without food. Bluebird Botanicals’ staff also recently made a trip up to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to help distribute meals to these families during some of the most challenging months of the year. 

“As a company full of people that lead with their hearts, it was a no-brainer (literally) when we heard about what Conscious Alliance is doing. We were so grateful work alongside such generous souls and contribute to the loving, welcoming community at Pine Ridge,” said Michael Harinen, Chief Brand Officer.

Conscious Alliance is currently in its end-of-year fundraising push with the goal of serving an additional 100,000 meals throughout the course of the winter. Every dollar donated provides two healthy meals to children and families in need. To support the work of Conscious Alliance, you can make a direct donation.