2021 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

general gift guide

Holiday shopping can induce unnecessary stress when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your sometimes overly-picky friends and family members. In the spirit of reducing stress and increasing holiday cheer, we did the leg work for you by rounding up a list of tried-and-true gifts that are fit for any age, gender, or budget.

Happy shopping!

All products have been independently selected by Bluebird staff. Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time.

gifts under $10

$10 & Under

  • Baggu Reusable Bag: With dozens of states issuing bans, taxes, and fees on single-use shopping bags, reusable bags are quickly becoming a household staple. While not all reusable bags on the market are truly eco-friendly, Baggu is leading the way with fashionable bags made from recycled ripstock nylon with a minimal waste design. $8
  • Reusable Metal Straw: Like their grocery bag counterparts, plastic straws have recently become public enemy #1. This reusable metal straw is the perfect replacement for its disposable counterpart - made from stainless steel with a compact, collapsible design so you can easily transport it wherever you go. $5
  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm: No, this lip balm isn’t made by actor Jack Black...but it is a star in its own right. This restorative balm contains antioxidants, vitamin E, green tea, and natural emollients to condition and soothe dry lips. Plus, with broad-spectrum sun protection and SPF 25, you can count on using this guy on your next outdoor adventure. $8
  • Prismacolor Illustration Markers: Whether you have an artist in your life or just know someone who’s constantly in need of a pen, Prismacolor Illustration Markers are an affordable no-brainer gift for just about anyone. These fine line markers are beloved by the illustration community for their vivid colors and precise capabilities. $6
  • Leather Cable Organizer: We all know what it feels like to throw a pair of earbuds into your bag and pull out a rat’s nest 10 minutes later. This leather cable organizer handily solves this problem with a fashionable, low-key clip to keep all your cords neatly wound and knot-free. $5

gifts under $50

$50 & Under

  • Full Focus Planner: This planner is perfect for the achievers in your life who love list-making and goal-setting. This planner was designed by productivity expert  Michael Hyatt to help you identify and break down your top goals and aspirations into manageable, daily to-do lists and progress trackers. $40
  • Kicco Koffie: The best mornings start with great coffee and great CBD, and Kicco Koffie knows how to deliver on both. This Denver-based coffee company sources its beans from certified fair trade and organic farms in Colombia, and uses hemp grown locally in Colorado for its CBD isolate source. $30
  • Compost Bin: No matter the size of the kitchen, this Compost Bin is the perfect size for the waste-reducing consumer on your holiday shopping list. This odor-proof gallon bin is small enough to fit on the kitchen counter and yet big enough to hold days worth of organic waste. Bonus - you get free, quality compost for your outdoor garden! $33
  • Radiate Portable Campfire: This portable portable is designed to accompany you wherever your adventures take you - be it out camping, to the beach, or even just your own backyard. Despite weighing only 4 pounds, this little fire powerhouse provides over 3 hours of burn time with minimal soot and no embers. $28
  • Cooling Pain Relief Cream: Athletes, working parents, and everyone in between can benefit from giving their muscles some TLC. Bluebird Botanicals’ Cooling Pain Relief Cream was formulated to do just that. With menthol, aloe, and shea butter, you can wave bye-bye to your temporary aches and pains. $35

gifts under $100

$100 & Under

  • AM/PM CBD Bundle: This special CBD duo was formulated to help you feel your best from sunrise to sunset. The AM blend, Uplift CBG + CBD Oil, will help you love your mornings and put some pep in your step. The PM blend, Downshift CBN + CBD Oil, is  designed to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. $95
  • Matcha Tea Set: We’ve already covered our coffee lovers on this list, so this one’s for the tea aficionados.  The Art of Tea At Home Matcha Kit allows you to bring a sense of refinement and ceremony back into your home brewing experience. The kit includes a hand blown glass bowl, matcha measuring spoon, matcha whisk, and whisk holder. $55
  • PC Portable Lamp: Bring the light with you wherever you need it. The PC Portable Lamp features a dimmable, LED bulb with relaxing, diffused lighting that you can easily transport to your favorite reading nook, outdoor chill spot, or kitchen table for a romantic, cozy atmosphere. $81
  • Cuisinart Air Fryer: For those who love fried food but hate the extra fat and calories, air fryers have become all the rage. Turn your favorite meats, veggies, and tofu dishes into perfectly fried, crunchy delicacies right at your kitchen counter with less mess and fire hazard.  $100
  • JLab Wireless Earbuds: Remember the rat’s nest of tangled cords we mentioned earlier? Well, it turns out you can sidestep that problem altogether with a pair of high-tech, noise-cancelling wireless earbuds with 10-hour battery life. $80

gifts under $150

$150 & Under

  • Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug: Move over, HydroFlask. Ember is making waves in the beverage game with one of the hottest innovations of 2021 - a temperature-controlled mug that allows you to keep your beverage at the perfectly heated or chilled for up to 8 hours. $130 
  • Nori Press: No time or space for the classic ironing board? No problem! Nori Press is a small, efficient alternative that can press, steam, and refresh your clothes with ease - and is compact enough to travel with. $120
  • Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant: For those who struggle to fall asleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, the Smart Sleep Assistant is here to help. This nifty upgraded alarm clock combines a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, and meditation app all in one sleek bedside gadget.  $13
  • The Always Pan: The Always Pan has been growing a cult-like fanbase this year, and for good reason. Say goodbye to your cluttered mess of pots and pans - Always Pan is a sleek piece of cookware designed to serve as a one-stop-shop fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, sauce pan, spatula, and spoon rest. $145

  • HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer Bundle: Print your favorite iPhone photos on the fly with HP’s portable photo printer. You can connect to this hand-held printer via Bluetooth to print sticky backed photos for easy memory documentation and gift making. $104