How to Recycle Bluebird Botancials CBD Bottles

Bluebird Botanicals How to Recycle Bottles

Downloadable Bottle Recycling 1-Pager

Ever wondered how to dispose of your Bluebird CBD bottles? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Just follow the instructions below, or downloadable our bottle recycling 1-pager to ensure your Bluebird CBD bottles are properly disposed of.

Pro-tip: These instructions can also be applied to recycling your old tincture or essential oil bottles!

For the more upcycle-inclined of you, check out how to turn your old bottles into crafts in our blog about How Bluebird Botanicals Goes Green!

How to Recycle Bluebird CBD Bottles

Step 1 

Remove the bottle dropper top from the amber bottle. Remove the tubette portion of the dropper from the rubber top. Set the rubber top aside.*

*Please note that, while the rubber portion of our bottle toppers are not traditionally recyclable, you can reach out to rubber mulch facilities or other industrial rubber processing facilities to find a use for your discarded rubber.

Step 2

Thoroughly rinse your bottle(s) with warm, soapy water. Scrub the inside of your bottle with a mini-brush, where possible, to fully remove all residue. 

Step 3

Recycle your glass bottles and glass tube as part of a single or dual-stream recycling option near you that specifies it allows glass.

And voila! You've successfully cleaned and disposed of your Bluebird Bottles.