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Win free CBD for a year! Win free CBD for a year!

Greetings! Welcome to Bluebird Botanicals’ guide to CBD for beginners. We’re happy you’re here!

We suspect you’ve arrived at this place because you’ve heard somewhere along the road about this magical compound called CBD. Maybe it's something you're already quite familiar with, or maybe it's something you're just beginning to explore. Good news - you’re in great company for learning more either way. 

Bluebird Botanicals has been in the CBD game since 2013. That means we’ve had six years to listen to our customers far and wide and figure out what they really want (and need) to know about CBD. It turns out, people have a lot of questions.

We at Bluebird believe one of the biggest components of implementing a healthy, balanced lifestyle is education. This means researching and understanding how your body interacts with everything you give it - food, water, supplements...and CBD. 

We wrote this short downloadable guide to provide that objective information about CBD: what it is, how it works, how to determine what’s safe, and which product to buy, among many other important questions.

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