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Gold Standard Quality Control System

About Our Quality Control System

At Bluebird Botanicals, quality comes first. That’s we’ve invested so heavily into our extensive gold standard quality control system.

Both of our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA and licensed with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We manufacture our products following cGMP guidelines (FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices), and in April of 2018 passed a third-party cGMP audit with a 99% rating. For comparison, 70% is a passing score. Eurofins Scientific, a world-renowned laboratory testing organization, conducted the audit. American dietary supplement manufacturers are not required by law to perform third-party manufacturing audits, but only need to undergo this process internally once a year. Bluebird, however, strives to go above and beyond, especially when it comes to quality, safety, and the wellness of our loyal clients.

Batch Database

Every single bottle that leaves our facility has a full set of third-party Certificates of Analysis that are publicly available online. All ingestible and vape products include separate analyses for the cannabinoid profile, potential microbial life, mold, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides/herbicides/insecticides. Our CBD isolate is tested for cannabinoid potency, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides/herbicides/insecticides.

Our batch database is different because all the raw testing data related to each manufactured batch is published online for anyone to peruse. Many companies will only provide an in-house pass/fail sheet, but in the spirit of going above and beyond, we’ve implemented a cutting-edge batch database to provide you with the extra comfort and transparency you deserve.

Our quality control system is not only a gold standard for the hemp industry, but it is a top-notch system for the supplement industry at large. Almost every hemp extract company says it has the best quality products. We’ve all heard it over and over, but how do these companies control, determine and verify that? Consumer reports have revealed that a number of hemp companies falsely label how many cannabinoids are in their products. Many don’t even contain any cannabinoids at all. A number of other cannabis companies are being forced to recall products due to toxic pesticide levels and fungus. With Bluebird’s leading quality control system and transparent batch database, you can rest assured when using our products.

New Certifications

Glyphosate Residue Free: of December 2018, all Bluebird products have been officially certified Glyphosate Residue Free. Bluebird is the first hemp company to have its products certified for this by The Detox Project.

U.S. Hemp Authority: On March 1, 2019, Bluebird earned its U.S. Hemp Authority certificate along with twelve other outstanding hemp companies. The USHA is a Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) designed to provide comfort to consumers and regulators that those who hold the certificate are producing high quality and safe products. Launched in January of 2019, the USHA aims to provide clear guidance to a sometimes murky industry. “Quality assurance and safety are of the highest priority,” insists Marielle Weintraub, Ph.D., President of the U.S. Hemp Authority. “We’re excited to have a hand in helping the hemp industry establish and embrace clear standards, best practices, and self-regulation.”

How to Use the Online Batch System

Option 1

  • See label for product batch #
  • Visit the web page for that product
  • Click the tab labeled Test Results (see image 1)
  • Click your batch # to see results (see image 2)

Option 2

  • Alternatively, you can visit the Batch Database to look through all batches

4 Responses to “Gold Standard Quality Control System”

  1. cherylmarieku

    Thank You for providing safe, quality tested products to Veterans, I am a veteran and really appreciate the prices and the sales. I appreciate your write ups on the suggested amount of CBD Oil dosing. I have been supportive of the political movements that you have asked for on the e-mails regarding the passing of new Hemp Farm Bills ect for the facilitation of moving forward with better scheduling that is more appropriate than what it was in Early 2018.

  2. Allie Janisch

    Hey Kristen,

    Sadly, we can't make any recommendations or suggestions about what our oils should or could be used for. Since we aren't doctors and you aren't our patient, that would be illegal. I hope you understand!

    That said, I can give you a bit of steering advice in that our Hemp Classic is by far our most popular blend for people to start with as it's the simplest. Our other blends have additional ingredients that some folks might want to add into their diet. You could spend a little time to google each of these additional ingredients and it would give you a good idea of why we put them all together in comprehensive blends. The Hemp Sample Pack is a great choice to get a chance to try all three. Just be warned that there is a very natural/bright/grassy taste to the oils!

    Most folks start out using our products at the standard serving size (15 drops) twice per day. Now that's a great start, but self-experimentation really is key when you're trying to find what works best for you. Some people's reported sweet-spot has been as little as a few drops per day and as much as 90 drops 4 or 5 times per day! It takes about 2-3 weeks for maximal results to be achieved. If you find that larger amounts help you out, you can always look into our concentrated blends!

    I hope this all helps! Best of luck!


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