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Honoring World Day of Social Justice

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly gathered to determine how to raise awareness of and tackle issues like poverty, exclusion, unemployment, and gender inequality. The assembly ultimately adopted a resolution declaring that beginning in 2009, February 20 would be internationally recognized as World Day of Social Justice. This day has since served as a […] Read more

Five Simple Ways to Engage With Your Community

Since our earliest days on the planet, humans have not just simply coexisted but thrived in close-knit communities. Belonging to a group was actually critical to our ancestors’ survival in prehistoric times, as individuals were unable to feed or defend themselves against threats on their own. Today, things have obviously changed. Most of humanity is […] Read more

DIY CBD Body Butter Recipe

We at Bluebird are all about self-care. We’ve written about it quite a bit in the past – particularly about how it can look quite different to each individual. Self-care, for you, might involve exercise, nutrition, and meditation. Or it could take the form of outdoor activities, hobbies, and feel-good rituals. If you can dream […] Read more

Can You Donate Blood While Taking CBD?

Do you know your blood type? No matter whether you’ve got O, A, AB and have the positive marker or not, donating blood is an incredible thing you can do to help those around you. On average, approximately 36,000 units of blood are needed in the U.S. each day. So, if you’re someone who has […] Read more

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Downloadable Worksheet

Go straight to the downloadable. Happy almost New Year to our Bluebird flock! Boy, it’s been a wild year…and a wild decade, for that matter.  The team at Bluebird Botanicals is excited to ring in the new year, new decade, and new phase of our journey towards a happier, healthier planet. In case you missed […] Read more

Spread Love – It’s the Bluebird of Happiness Way!

Today is a special day for the namesake of our company – it’s National Bluebird of Happiness Day! We are inevitably obliged to celebrate in style. After all, we only built our company in the spirit of a bluebird AND incorporated its very purpose into our mission to make happy and healthy lifestyles radically accessible […] Read more

Your 2019 Guide to Self-Care: Tips, Tricks, and Checklists

Definition of Self-Care Self-care is defined differently for each person, and it should be. It really does look different for each person. Everybody has unique personalities, characteristics, goals, fears, strengths, and flaws – and these all play into what optimal self-care looks like for a given individual. However you choose to define self-care, there are […] Read more

How to Celebrate Summer Solstice, the Longest Day of the Year

You don’t need to be a hippie to be a summer lover. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has been historically celebrated in many traditions and religions with sun-worshipping festivals and rituals. These festivals typically include dancing around bonfires, creating alters with herbs and candles…you know, […] Read more

Veterans Day: Serving Those Who Have Served

Veterans Day (originally known as Armistice Day) is an official United States public holiday that honors military veterans; that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. It coincides with other holidays celebrated in other countries that mark the anniversary of the end of World War I. Major hostilities of World War I […] Read more