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CBD Recipes

CBD Snacks Made with Thanksgiving Leftovers

It happens every year – those days and – okay – maybe even weeks after Thanksgiving. The Turkey Ghost of Dinner Table’s Past haunts your meals for long after you wish it would waltz its dark-meat thighs right out that door.  But, fear not, my friends! We’ve got a few fresh, easy snackables to help […] Read more

Three Frightfully Tasty Yet Healthy CBD Halloween Treats

Halloween is nearly upon us. It’s a holiday typically filled with spook, fright, and sugar – lots and lots of sugar. But it doesn’t have to be!  I’m willing to bet we’ve got some health-conscious birds in our flock looking to celebrate what is, in my opinion, the best holiday of the year without overloading […] Read more

CBD Apple Pie with Maple Cinnamon CBD Whipped Cream

Ready to revamp an American Classic and make it even more Classic (literally)? In celebration of autumn and the rapidly approaching winter weather, Bluebird has taken the opportunity to spice up an all-time fan-favorite – the ubiquitous apple pie. We also took it one step further and spun up a CBD-infused Maple Cinnamon Whipped Cream […] Read more

Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD Mulled Wine – Including a Non-Alcoholic Customization!

As we approach the winter holiday season, I’ve got just one thing on my mind: mulled wine. This holiday classic has become an annual staple ever since I first slipped this sweet nectar past my lips during my graduate study in Galway, Ireland.  Mulled wine is great because of its propensity for customization. You can […] Read more

Bluebird’s Healthy CBD S’more Recipe

Hold up – a healthy s’more? Does that exist? Yes, my friend. Yes it does.  And no, we’re not calling it “healthy” simply because we’re adding CBD into this flavor equation. With just a bit of extra prep work and a little DIY spirit, we’ll show you how to take traditional s’mores and make a […] Read more

Bluebird’s CBD Dirty Chai Recipe From Scratch

Yeah, we know there is a national day for everything now. And yes, we’re still gonna celebrate them whenever we want to. We’ll take any chance we can get to make and share delicious recipes, especially when we can put some good ol’ CBD in it! In honor of this made-up holiday, we created this […] Read more

Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD Salad Recipe

Summertime and the livin’ is CBD! Summer marks the perfect opportunity to green up your diet with robust, hearty, great-for-you salads and – you guessed it – Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD oil. Read on for Bluebird’s favorite summer salad recipe, utilizing the greenest goodness and the most terpene-rich CBD product: Bluebird’s Hemp Complete Oil, featuring both […] Read more

Add Raw Cannabis to Your Diet With Bluebird’s Green Smoothie

It’s that time of year — the time where we all share our favorite smoothie and salad recipes, embracing the heat of summer as a source of fresh motivation to eat healthier and boost our daily wellness routines. You may have seen CBD making its way into many drinkable variations, and smoothies are certainly no […] Read more

Celebrate Father’s Day with Bluebird’s CBD-infused BBQ Sauce

It’s mid-June, which means Father’s Day is just around the corner! Bluebird knows that many “Best Dad Evers” have earned that title in part because of their role as grill master at the annual family barbecue. Grill Master Dads take care in their craft, ensuring that everyone leaves with full bellies, happy hearts…and maybe a […] Read more

Making A Case for Unflavored Hemp Extracts vs. CBD Gummies

It’s only been a few weeks since the 2018 Farm Bill passed and further affirmed the legality of hemp. Yet, CBD products are already lining the shelves of supermarkets and natural product stores. Unsurprisingly, many of these popular CBD products are gummies and sugary beverages. When it comes to health supplements, we believe there’s a […] Read more