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Bluebird CBD

How to Buy CBD Oil for the First Time

So, you’ve decided you want to get CBD oil. You’ve done your research, and have a good idea of what to check for when evaluating your CBD product. But how do you actually get your hands on the stuff? Worry not, friend. Here’s how to buy CBD oil for the first time. Shop Bluebird CBD […] Read more

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD: What’s the Difference?

As you navigate the world of CBD products, you’ve probably encountered a few questions when checking out different brands and their labels. So many things are labeled as containing CBD, yet there are so many different types of products that it can be hard to know what you’re actually getting.  A common conundrum when purchasing […] Read more

Award-Winning CBD for Humans AND Pets!

Our CBD has done it again! We’re excited to announce that Bluebird Botanicals’ Companion CBD Oil for pets has received a “Best of Supplements” award from Better Nutrition magazine.  The annual Best Of Supplement Awards recognize the most exceptional vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements on the market. We’re honored to have our Companion CBD Oil […] Read more

Top 5 CBD Picks for Veterans

Like with most things endocannabinoid system-related, selecting the right CBD for veterans’ needs can look very different from person to person. One thing that’s true across the board is that CBD helps promote general health and wellness. While state and federal regulations prevent us from advertising CBD as a treatment for a particular ailment, there […] Read more

How to Read CBD Lab Tests and Labels

We’ve discussed before the importance of selecting CBD companies that invest in third-party lab testing on their products. This really is a crucial first step in selecting a high-quality and safe CBD product that you know can trust.  Bluebird Botanicals has always prided itself on its transparency, and has long offered a  batch database that […] Read more

Bluebird Partners with the Veterans Community Project

Bluebird Botanicals consistently strives to be a mission-driven company. One of the core efforts that bolsters our vision to make wellness “radically accessible to all” is to work with organizations addressing systemic gaps in our country, like the Veterans Community Project (VCP). Bluebird Botanicals recently partnered with the VCP to support their programs. From Friday […] Read more

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work?

If you’ve just started on your CBD journey, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is: how long does it take CBD to work? First things first: the way CBD impacts the body is more like introducing a vitamin or supplement to your dietary regimen as opposed to an over-the-counter medication intended to […] Read more

Why Does Your CBD Taste, Umm…Bad?

Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD is known for many things – its quality, affordability, accessibility, and transparency into the ingredients of its products. However, one thing it’s not known for is tasting like candy. There are many tastebud-pleasing CBD products on the market today ranging from gummies, candies, and sodas to baked goods. While we love tasty […] Read more

Bluebird Botanicals’ Extraction Methods

Bluebird Botanicals prides ourselves on transparency and on providing the best CBD products possible to our customers at one of the lower price per milligram in the industry. But have you ever wondered just what goes into extracting those products from the hemp plant before they end up in your bottle? There are three main […] Read more

Three Frightfully Tasty Yet Healthy CBD Halloween Treats

Halloween is nearly upon us. It’s a holiday typically filled with spook, fright, and sugar – lots and lots of sugar. But it doesn’t have to be!  I’m willing to bet we’ve got some health-conscious birds in our flock looking to celebrate what is, in my opinion, the best holiday of the year without overloading […] Read more