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Products crafted with care.

We take wellness seriously

That's why our products go through the most rigorous testing and review processes in the industry, surpassing standards set by the USDA and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

  • Colorado regulations require testing for 94 pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in finished hemp products. We go further. Our hemp extract, organic hemp seed oil, and carrier oils are tested for 300+ pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • Our products are tested for arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and 14 residual solvents to ensure purity.
  • We set the standard for quality in the industry by creating one of the first 100% transparent, online batch database systems with third-party lab reports available to the public.

The Bluebird difference

Clean and honest,
from seed to shelf

Our suppliers use organic farming practices and help us ensure every ingredient used in our products is clean and consistent in color, flavor, and cannabinoid potency.

All of our CBD products are derived from American-grown hemp and manufactured in our FDA-registered facilities.

Farming with the future in mind

Responsible, sustainable agriculture is key in securing the future of hemp and the environment. Our farming partners use organic regenerative growing practices, including:

  • Minimal tillage practices versus conventional tillage practices
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Use of high-efficiency Tier 4 tractors for lowered emissions
  • Continuous improvement of nutrient cycling in all fields

Savvy product innovation

Our product innovation process leans heavily on market data and the expertise of our team of certified clinical herbalists.

Where market data tells us what customers care about and indicates emerging product trends, our herbalists draw on their knowledge of time-tested botanicals to create formulations that make an impact.

Hemp advocacy

We didn’t just pave the way for quality, but also for policy. Our founder Brandon Beatty worked with lawmakers in the drafting of the 2018 Farm Bill, helping make CBD accessible throughout the country to those who need it.

Brandon remains at the forefront of hemp advocacy through his leadership roles at major industry organizations.

  • Trustee, American Herbal Products Association
  • Prior board member, U.S. Hemp Roundtable
  • Prior director, Hemp Industries Association

Benefits exclusive to our
wholesale partners

Partner wholesalers enjoy access to price-protected Bluebird products, including:

  • Vitamin D3 + CBD Oil
  • Organic CBD Oil
  • 20 ct. CBD Gummies
  • 2 ct. packs of CBD gummies and POP display
  • 2 ct. packs of CBD oil capsules and POP display
  • Around The Clock CBD Kit, featuring 10 mL sizes of our Uplift, Clarify, and Downshift blends

What our customers say

CBD Gummies

These gummies are the best! I've sampled a handful of other brands, and these are hands-down the tastiest and most effective gummies I have tried.

- Lori

Immune Support Vitamin D3 & CBD Oil

First off, great product. Able to get my daily dose of sunshine and CBD in one serving. Plus, D3 is a great supplement for immune support and we need that right now.

- Michael

Uplift CBG + CBD Oil

I was not expecting this product to work as well as it did. I honestly picked it up just out of curiosity to try CBG, and was amazed at how I felt after two dropperfuls. I'm hooked! Now I keep it at my desk for whenever I need a little pick-me-up during the workday.

- Vicky

Uplift CBG + CBD Oil and
Downshift CBN + CBD Oil

This combo is excellent, highly recommend the formulation for morning uplift and evening downshift! Also, the flavor is good for those who are picky about taste. :)

- Anne

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