Our assistance program offers savings to those financially impacted by COVID-19.

Caring for oneself and for each other is always important, but even more so at this time of global unease. To minimize disruption to your self-care routines, Bluebird’s assistance program is now offering generous savings for those who may be experiencing financial hardships in response to the Coronavirus.

We recognize that this global pandemic has far-reaching impacts, and we want to do our best to mitigate these hardships for our customers who need our products most.

Bluebird is extending our care to you, your family, and pets, by offering our products at a discounted rate. If you find yourself unable to purchase your regular CBD products because of a need to prioritize other supplies, or a disruption to your income, please complete this form to receive a temporary, limited-use discount code.

We hope that this can help those affected by continuing at least one aspect of their care routines.