New Products – CBD Isolate & Hemp Clothing Line

We’re happy to share that we just released a couple new products – CBD Isolate & Hemp Shirts – and have a lot more in store for the future!

1. CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is a +99% pure cannabidiol extract from hemp. It’s suitable for for scientific research, and can even be “dabbed” or vaporized. It is completely THC free. We test every batch for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, bacteria and mycotoxins. Due to regulatory reasons we cannot recommend it for ingestion. To learn more, visit the CBD Isolate Page.


2. Hemp tee shirt

The Hemp tee shirt is 60% Hemp and 40% organic cotton. It is ULTRA-soft, unisex, and available in sizes S-2XL. Front- Bluebird logo, Back- “Made with HEMP” & a cannabis leaf. This is the first product of many to be added to our new Hemp Clothing and Accessory Line.


What to look forward to

More hemp clothes and accessories, USA grown hemp products (shifting away from Europe), other isolated cannabinoids & terpenes besides CBD Isolate, new branding and packaging, national TV commercials, and more!

20 Responses to “New Products – CBD Isolate & Hemp Clothing Line”

  1. I would like to try a CBD oil; a strong PTSD treatment , that I can put a couple drops under my tongue? I see a few online, I will continue to search while I wait for a response. Ready to buy today. Have a legal card; so no problem; but I still prefer discreet transactions. Thanks.

    • Brandon Beatty

      Hello Joseph, you actually don’t need an MJ card to buy from us since our products are hemp-derived. We can’t recommend our products for any medical conditions or diseases, and must recommend you consult with your health care professional about that.

      We do have oil based hemp extracts, but we also can’t recommend them to be used under the tongue since that’s a delivery method only pharmaceuticals and drugs can be recommended for. Our hemp oils are marketed as dietary supplements and as such can only be suggested for gut absorption. Best of luck, and let us know if you have any other questions. I’m sorry we can’t be of much help in this regard!

    • Brandon Beatty

      Hello Jamie,

      We do to established businesses, but not everyone. We have 10ml sizes available, and the original strengths have 365-day, no-questions-asked return policy. We also have sample packs, which is a good way to try out the different products.

  2. I am a disabled Vet- looking for the best
    CBD and terpenes available for many
    Health problems. Off Opiates for 10 months, the Chronic Pain from severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease
    are the worst part, also GI and PTSD
    Issues with anxiety. I would like to know
    How much these would cost, as I have
    Seen very high prices that effectively
    Prevent me from the help they could give!
    Appreciate a reply-thx!

    • DelphiOne

      Hey Lisa!!!

      Might I recommended the Hemp Complete? I have tried it and also ordered the Sampler for my Sister who has had chronic pain from job injuries. Her Son was in a terrible accident about 20 years ago which caused him to have epileptic seizures. We all have achieved quite distinctive results from all Bluebird Botanicals’ Formulae- but we all agree on the #HempComplete formulation! You won’t be disappointed- and you’ll feel better too!!! Blessings to you! Thanks again, #BluebirdBotanicals!

    • Hi I just ordered my second order of CBD oil. I have a partial torn rotor cuff, and wondering if I rub the oil on my shoulder, will it penetrate the skin and get to the joint.


    • kwkrussell

      Yes “Complete” is my favorite! I have Lupus and Sjogrens Syndrome two incurable autoimmunes. This stuff have truly given me my life back. Past 3 yrs 90% in bed. The absolute best fix, the depression! It was crippling. With their discounts for low-income and disability ppl I can always be assured I won’t go back to that hell.

    • Hi Eva, I just found this site and was about to place an order. Then stumbled upon your comment. I’m curious as to what you commented and the deletion. I’ve done a lot of research, and want to make sure I purchase a satisfactory product. Thanks

    • I wouldn’t put too much stock in one comment like the one above. I’ve dealt with this company and purchased both human and pet products and have nothing but good to say about both the products and the people you deal with. Give them a call and go from there. Some people can’t be pleased, and sometimes a mistake is made when a post is made to the wrong forum or even company. That’s obvious on Amazon.

    • Brandon Beatty

      Hi Eva, I don’t know what you’re referring to. Perhaps you posted in a different blog post? We always abide by our return policy which can be seen here- or at the footer of every web page. We very often bend our own policy in order to help our customers in need out, even more than our policy provides for. If you call or email to speak directly with a customer service representative about this we can likely help you out! We’d love to speak about your order and any issue you may have had over the phone, rather than through our blog posts. Take care.

  3. carieherring

    Researching before placing an order…..I’ve sent a couple of emails re specific questions. I will be watching for those replies, but, in the meantime, I would like to know, has anyone out here ever used one or all 3 of these oils for blood pressure issues & if so, which one(s)? Also, can one take drops of all 3 together, either straight or with honey or apple sauce as mentioned in a post? One more question, I don’t mind who responds, so long as my replies are from someone with experience in what I’m asking about……can the drop be sub-lingual or only open, drop, swallow?

    TIA ~
    Mrs. Herring

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