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Homemade Gift Ideas Using Hemp

There is a material that comes from the cannabis plant that often gets a bad rap for being so closely related to its psychotropic cousin. The many forms of hemp in this article are created when the cannabis plant is grown primarily for its fibers, which are extracted from the stem to make rope, durable fabrics, and even paper. This magical textile can also make some beautiful gifts with just a little inspiration… and nimble handy work.

Check out these gift ideas organized in the many categories of things we love to have in life!

Health & Beauty


Hemp Loofa

Our first hemp gift comes from Vicki The Creative Goddess and her quirky blog filled with craft ideas and recipes. This one in particular is a crocheted hemp loofa, perfect for scrubbing away rough skin on our feet and joints. The stitch is similar to something used for a dishcloth, and Vicki even makes them in the car on road trips!  Check out our tips at the end of this article for finding the right hemp materials.



Gentle Hemp & Shea Soap

The Humblebee & Me blog gives a detailed guide to buying the materials and making this body-satisfying soap. It’s a lovely, simple gentle hemp and shea butter soap that’s perfect for more sensitive skin, but it does take some time to create (mostly during the setting process where you sit and literally watch soap dry). In the end you will achieve beautiful results.

Pro Tip:  Pair the Loofa & Hemp Soap for a fun gift to give co-workers.



Evo Hemp Bars & Protein

USA grown hemp protein is a great way to build your muscles while rebuilding our nation too. An easy to digest, complete plant-based protein, that’s supported by enzymes, fiber, minerals and omega 3’s. Evo Hemp has a line of food products that give your belly a happy, healthy dose of natural protein. These may not exactly be used for a gift, but they are great to throw in the car for long trips to see family.



Hemp Silk from Bluebird Botanicals

Our specialized beauty cream was developed for aging, drying and damaged skin. Our products are America’s favorite for good reason. We are dedicated to making the world a better place through fair business practice, philanthropy, sustainability, and focus on the well-being of our customers. This starts with products made from wholesome ingredients. If you’re short on time this year, skip the crafts and grab this jar for any stocking.





Hemp Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Think you have the chops to make hemp braided necklaces that could rival the latest Kendra Scott collection? Check out this Pinterest Board for Hemp Crafts featuring several beautiful necklace ideas perfect for your Sister or Bestie (or maybe both if you become a natural at this). See our tips at the end of this article for procuring all the necessary hemp materials.



Hemp Jewelry from Etsy

No ability to make crafts by yourself in time for Christmas? Take a look at the hemp jewelry available from the artisans on Etsy! Some of these sellers will need extra time to deliver, so get your orders in ASAP… and then pat yourself on the back for supporting small businesses with your dollar this year. You might even be able to pair something pre-made on Etsy with embellishments of your own to create something unique for the person receiving this gift.



Hemp Barefoot Sandals from Etsy

I know it’s hard to think about walking anywhere barefoot as the cold December air roars through the city streets, but we promise that summer will come back around again eventually. When it does, there is definitely a woman in your life who would love to walk down a beach showing these babies off. Better yet, they come pre-made and gorgeous from the makers on Etsy.





Hemp Winter Hat

A lot of crafters don’t realize that you can get hemp yarn and work with it in the same way you would with cotton. This pattern for a simple beanie actually turns out looking like something from a swanky vintage shop… if you know how to throw a proper stitch. See below for tips on getting the right hemp yarn for your project.



Hemp T-Shirt from Bluebird Botanicals

This ULTRA soft hemp shirt from our new clothing line is just the beginning in our quest to make sustainable clothing that hugs you — and the world. In the future, we plan to offer hemp hats, hoodies, bags and more! For now, grab one of our tees for a friend, family member… or maybe just for yourself.



Hemp Socks for Men

These comfortable, natural organic hemp socks from the Hemp Organic Life shop on Etsy are made from non-dyed fiber cloth handmade in the Ukraine. This shop has lots of textiles to look through, but these socks caught our eye because they absorb moisture during the summer AND keep you warm in the winter! Is that two gifts in one? Yes.


Home Goods



Hemp Crocheted Hanging Lamps

Hometalk is a DIY site for both homeowners and professional designers to share tips for creating the perfect accents for any room. This pattern will help you make a simple afternoon craft look like something your picked from the shelves of big box stores to remain nameless (because you got this). The materials are simple and kiddo friendly too!



Hemp Crocheted Hammock

eHow contributor Angie Diersman lays out an easy-to-follow instruction plan for building a sturdy hammock chair woven with rope that could easily be switched out for hemp rope. The hard part comes in properly knotting the seat so your friends don’t end up on the floor. It’s probably best to sit in this chair for a while before gifting.



Hemp Crocheted Basket

Ok, this next homemade gift is not for the short of temper. It’s an advanced patter from CraftPassion for creating a hand-woven basket of twine and hemp rope. It’s an intermediate difficulty and requires that you’re comfortable with crocheting, but the results are well worth it.



Hemp Coasters

For those of you who begin the basket project above and curse it out shortly after, we have a simpler craft that will make you feel like a DIY master in no time. The supplies are easy to collect, so you can create a bunch of these to stuff in everyone’s stocking.


Pet Accessories



Hemp Dog Leash

PlanetDog is a brand always on the lookout for pet accessories that are created responsibly and are healthy for our furry friends. Their best-selling, eco-friendly leash is naturally dyed pure hemp — one of nature’s strongest fibers. Their hemp leashes are fleece-lined for optimal comfort. Also take a look at their line of eco-friendly toys and treats!



Hemp Seed Dog Treat Recipe

Want to make a yummy homemade treat to gift the dogs in your life? Then check out this recipe from The Crunchy Chronicles and don’t forget about of friends at Evo Hemp (featured in the Health & Beauty section of this article) when you go to buy your hemp seeds.


Hemp Tips & Tricks (Where to Buy)

A lot of these crafts and recipes call for materials you may not know where to buy. First, start with a Google search. You may not believe it, but hemp yarn and rope are becoming commonly used materials that you can buy on sites like Amazon, Etsy and

Now, if you’re ready to go to the next level and immerse yourself in hemp textiles, jump into the sandbox that is Hemp Traders ( This site sells everything from hemp yarn to hemp twine, and even hemp webbing! If you know what that is, you’re ready to tackle the hemp basket in our Home section of this article.

Good luck and happy crafting… your friends and family are going to love it!






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