episode 49

Verde Natural – An Organic Tour

Join us for our first episode of a brand new type of storytelling show. Today we take a tour of the Verde Natural production facility - a fully organic grower of cannabis in Denver. You'll hear how to grow cannabis well, how best to harvest for... Read more

episode 48

Adam Auctor of The Bunk Police

Sometimes drug dealers cut their product with cheaper and dirtier alternatives. That's why Adam Auctor founded The Bunk Police, and started selling test kits. Today he talks about the dangers of laced drugs, what kind of chemicals you'll find l... Read more

Dr Ingrid Walker
episode 47

Dr Ingrid Walker – The Study of Drugs

Dr. Ingrid Walker wants to change the way we talk about drugs and the people who use them. Society is finally embracing the medical uses of psychedelics but what about so-called recreational users? Spiritual trippers? Or those who want to tweak... Read more

episode 46

Dr. Ken Tupper – Entheogenic Education

Dr. Ken Tupper explores the relationship between capitalism and psychedelic-spiritualism, the linguistics of terms like "drug" and "addict," and the educational value of altered states. Dr. Tupper is Director of Implementation & Partnership... Read more

episode 45

Lia Arnsten – Runners High

Lia Arnsten is a professional runner who mixes cannabis and sport. She also teaches courses on how to incorporate cannabis into a self-optimization regimen. Lia and Lex talk about meditating with marijuana, the life of competitive running, the soc... Read more