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episode 5

Migs from AMVETS – American Veterans for Plant Medicines

Lex chats with Migs of the American Veterans service organization about the work that they do and their recent decision to publicly call for the medical use of cannabis by veterans. Twitter: @AmVETSHQRead more

episode 4

Travis Bodick – Multidisciplinary Healer and Writer

Bodick discusses the near-death experience that initiated his journey as an author & explorer who writes about shamanism and plant medicines. Find him online: Read more

episode 3

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller is a wideranging lawyer. Studying at Harvard, working all over the political arena, leading the Lexington, Kentucky branch of Frost, Brown Todd and finally, a... Read more

episode 2

Julie Holland

Julie Holland is a psychiatrist, an author, a medical monitor for MDMA and cannabis research, a harm reductionist and a forensic consultant. She's also the author of several books including her most recent, "Moody Bitches" and her first breakout b... Read more

episode 1

Morris Beegle

Today Lex speaks with Morris Beegle, a hemp entrepreneur, outspoken activist, and generally busy guy who has been involved in business, media, and events for years now. Here are just a few places where you can find Morris on the web: Twitter: ... Read more