episode 14

Beth Schechter – Open Cannabis Project

Beth Schechter's Open Cannabis Project confronts the corporate monopolization and the dangers of restrictive patenting in the budding marijuana industry. Lex talks to her about how to keep weed open for growers, sellers, and stoners. They also cha... Read more

episode 13

Annie Rouse – Headmistress of Hemp

Lex chats with Annie Rouse about the history and utility of hemp. Annie is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and fellow podcaster. She founded the Anavii market for CBD and hemp products and sits on the board of directors of Friends of Hemp. ... Read more

episode 12

Ingmar Gorman – Psychedelic Psychologist

Lex speaks with Dr. Ingmar Gorman, a researcher and clinical psychologist. They discuss MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD and social anxiety, plus a whole lot more. http://www.ingmargorman.com https://www.psychedelicprogram.com from BlueBird B... Read more

episode 11

Ashley Manta – Cannasexual

Lex talks with sex educator Ashley Manta about how to incorporate cannabis into your love life. Ashley got her start by working with victims of rape and eventually moved into using weed for sexual enhancement. This episode is a double-whammy as we... Read more

episode 10

Ashley Picillo – Author and Entrepreneur

Today Lex speaks with Ashley Picillo. She's an author and entrepreneur who co-wrote the book “Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business.” The book is a collection of true stories about women seeking their fortunes in the cannabis worl... Read more