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Kim Hewitt – Psychedelics and American Culture

Dr. Kim Hewitt is a professor of American Culture and represents that rare pinnacle of an academic researcher who knows how to listen to people. She talks to Lex about psychedelic feminism, body modification as a rite of passage, and the history of psychedelic culture. Dr. Hewitt studies American culture, consciousness, psychiatric history, body studies, […] Read more

Daniel Greig – The Neurobiology of Prophetic Visions

Daniel Greig talks about cognitive science and mystical systems. Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy in Toronto, and psychedelics are a major part of his research. If you’re into the Kabbalah, Jungian archetypes, or biblical prophecy, this episode is for you. Lecture: Papers: from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // […] Read more

Sister Kate – Sisters of the Valley

Sister Kate is bringing spirituality back, but this isn’t Catholicism. Her Sisters of the Valley produce their cannabis-based products (and other goods) during moon cycles, using their own rituals and practices. Kate is also an activist who seeks to empower women to take up the cause for a new spirituality based on the ancient power […] Read more

Julian Vayne – Psychedelic Occultist

Julian Vayne, an author & occultist, talks about the history of drugs and magick. He also highlights some of the important idea from his new book on creating psychedelic ceremonies. his book: trailer for his book: his blog: his facebook: on the psychedelic prisoner project   From BlueBird Botanicals // […] Read more