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Ingmar Gorman – Psychedelic Psychologist

Lex speaks with Dr. Ingmar Gorman, a researcher and clinical psychologist. They discuss MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD and social anxiety, plus a whole lot more. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott Read more

Richie Ogulnick – Ibogaine and Addiction

Richie Ogulnick is one of the big proponents of Ibogaine, a psychedelic drug famous for battling addiction. He talks about his discovery of the iboga plant, his trip to Cameroon to find out more about it, and his years of teaching people about what he’s learned. Richie also founded the International Children’s Awareness Network. […] Read more

Julian Vayne – Psychedelic Occultist

Julian Vayne, an author & occultist, talks about the history of drugs and magick. He also highlights some of the important idea from his new book on creating psychedelic ceremonies. his book: trailer for his book: his blog: his facebook: on the psychedelic prisoner project   From BlueBird Botanicals // […] Read more

Lolly Bee – Healer

Lolly Bee is a holistic healer who worked at Standing Rock and studied many different practices, including the use of plant medicines for healing trauma. Today, she talks with Lex about her journey with PTSD and how she came to her relationship with plant medicines. Her website is FB: IG: YT: […] Read more