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Gunther Weil – The Harvard Psychedelic Club

Epic stories from a psychonaut who’s seen it all. He escaped the Holocaust, helped Tim Leary run the Concord Prison Experiment with LSD, worked on Aerosmith’s first album, got a PhD from Harvard, and hung out with Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, and Ram Dass. These are tales of adventure, curiosity, betrayal, and triumph. Gunther Weil […] Read more

Jen Fiser of Innate Path

Jen Fiser talks about Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and the somatic body-centric approach used at Innate Path in Denver. Using ketamine or cannabis under the guidance of a trained therapist can allow for wonderful work unlocking the trauma stored in the unconscious and the body. Jen talks about her own trauma, which medicines work best for […] Read more

Robert Laurie – Legal Illuminations

Robert Laurie is a lawyer, a writer, a psychonaut, a Freemason, and a board advisor to MAPS Canada. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC and with a law practice that’s been at the forefront of legal activism, he’s the perfect guest to help navigate the legal labyrinth as we move cannabis from prohibition to decriminalization and legalization. […] Read more

Dr. Ken Tupper – Entheogenic Education

Dr. Ken Tupper explores the relationship between capitalism and psychedelic-spiritualism, the linguistics of terms like “drug” and “addict,” and the educational value of altered states. Dr. Tupper is Director of Implementation & Partnerships at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong […] Read more

Lakshami Narayan – Ibogaine vs Opioids

Lakshmi Narayan is developing a documentary about Ibogaine as a tool against opioid addiction. This ancient, psychedelic plant medicine initiates a classic inner journey which profoundly transforms the person. Lakshmi explains what it’s like for an addict to embark on that journey. She also discusses the film-making process, her own experience with the Iboga plant, […] Read more

Kim Hewitt – Psychedelics and American Culture

Dr. Kim Hewitt is a professor of American Culture and represents that rare pinnacle of an academic researcher who knows how to listen to people. She talks to Lex about psychedelic feminism, body modification as a rite of passage, and the history of psychedelic culture. Dr. Hewitt studies American culture, consciousness, psychiatric history, body studies, […] Read more

Rafael Lancelotta – Ketamine and 5-MeO-DMT

Rafael Lancelotta is a psychedelic therapist who has worked with ketamine and cannabis. He talks to Lex about his passion for helping people, the healing power of ketamine, and the ethics of sacrificing toads for the divine trips of 5MeO-DMT. The Knowing Body Center (formerly known as Innate Path): 5 Hive – 5-MeO-DMT Forum: […] Read more

Adam Strauss – Cured by Mushrooms

Adam Strauss is a comedian and performer with a psychedelic edge and a voice as smooth as chocolate. His stage show “The Mushroom Cure” is the powerful and funny story of using psilocybin to heal his debilitating OCD. He talks to Lex about what comedy means to him, the relationship between mushrooms and mental health, […] Read more

Daniel Greig – The Neurobiology of Prophetic Visions

Daniel Greig talks about cognitive science and mystical systems. Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy in Toronto, and psychedelics are a major part of his research. If you’re into the Kabbalah, Jungian archetypes, or biblical prophecy, this episode is for you. Lecture: Papers: from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // […] Read more

Leia Friedman – Psychedologist

Leia Friedman hosts “The Psychedologist” podcast, she cofounded the Boston Entheogenic Network, and is a writer and community organizer. She tells Lex about her work and her psychedelic journey.   from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott Read more