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Gunther Weil – The Harvard Psychedelic Club

Epic stories from a psychonaut who’s seen it all. He escaped the Holocaust, helped Tim Leary run the Concord Prison Experiment with LSD, worked on Aerosmith’s first album, got a PhD from Harvard, and hung out with Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, and Ram Dass. These are tales of adventure, curiosity, betrayal, and triumph. Gunther Weil […] Read more

Jen Fiser of Innate Path

Jen Fiser talks about Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and the somatic body-centric approach used at Innate Path in Denver. Using ketamine or cannabis under the guidance of a trained therapist can allow for wonderful work unlocking the trauma stored in the unconscious and the body. Jen talks about her own trauma, which medicines work best for […] Read more