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Gunther Weil – The Harvard Psychedelic Club

Epic stories from a psychonaut who’s seen it all. He escaped the Holocaust, helped Tim Leary run the Concord Prison Experiment with LSD, worked on Aerosmith’s first album, got a PhD from Harvard, and hung out with Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, and Ram Dass. These are tales of adventure, curiosity, betrayal, and triumph. Gunther Weil […] Read more

Dr Martha Rosenthal – The Cannabis Courseload

Dr. Martha Rosenthal is a neuroscientist who teaches about cannabis and sexuality at The Florida Gulf Coast University. Her cannabis courses are so effective that businesses are calling to hire her students. This is a vivid chat with a passionate public speaker who’s far ahead of the curve on cannabis. And please enjoy her excellent […] Read more

Adam Auctor of The Bunk Police

Sometimes drug dealers cut their product with cheaper and dirtier alternatives. That’s why Adam Auctor founded The Bunk Police, and started selling test kits. Today he talks about the dangers of laced drugs, what kind of chemicals you’ll find lurking in your psyhoactives, and how the establishment is still resisting something as sensible as drug-testing […] Read more

Kayvan Khalatbari – A Candidate for Cannabis

Kayvan Khalatbari is running for mayor of Denver, Colorado. He helped decriminalize cannabis possession in Denver in 2005 and is a successful businessman. His campaign is all about seizing economic opportunities for the city and mobilizing those who have been trampled by the drug war and inequality. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett […] Read more

Sam D’Arcangelo – Voting for Cannabis

Sam D’Arcangelo quit his job as a music journalist to focus on cannabis activism. He’s the director of the Cannabis Voter Project and has worked with the SSDP. Today he tells Lex how voting really can change public policy, and how his organization draws in the youth. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from […] Read more

Lisa Raville – Harm Reduction & Safe Injection

Lisa Raville is a force of nature when it comes to social reform and helping those in need. She runs the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver, Colorado, and works with the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. She explains to Lex exactly why safe injection sites are so much more effective than prohibition laws. […] Read more

Migs from AMVETS – American Veterans for Plant Medicines

Lex chats with Migs of the American Veterans service organization about the work that they do and their recent decision to publicly call for the medical use of cannabis by veterans. Twitter: @AmVETSHQ “Join the Conversation”   Greener Grass is brought to you by BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong […] Read more