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Dr Martha Rosenthal – The Cannabis Courseload

Dr. Martha Rosenthal is a neuroscientist who teaches about cannabis and sexuality at The Florida Gulf Coast University. Her cannabis courses are so effective that businesses are calling to hire her students. This is a vivid chat with a passionate public speaker who’s far ahead of the curve on cannabis. And please enjoy her excellent […] Read more

Kim Hewitt – Psychedelics and American Culture

Dr. Kim Hewitt is a professor of American Culture and represents that rare pinnacle of an academic researcher who knows how to listen to people. She talks to Lex about psychedelic feminism, body modification as a rite of passage, and the history of psychedelic culture. Dr. Hewitt studies American culture, consciousness, psychiatric history, body studies, […] Read more

Heather Thompson and Indra Lusero – Birth Justice

Today’s interview is about the rights of women during pregnancy, and whether new mothers should be persecuted for having substances like cannabis in their bloodstream during pregnancy. Lex speaks with molecular biologist Heather Thompson, and attorney Indra Lusero. They run a birth justice organization called Elephant Circle. They tell Lex about their work, their values, […] Read more

Windy Borman – Filmmaker

Windy Borman is a filmmaker who took a break from her whirlwind festival tour to talk about her new documentary,  “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed”. In this feature, she talks to the powerful females changing the face of cannabis. Today she shares with Lex about how she started filmmaking (“The Eyes of Thailand” about elephants […] Read more

Ashley Manta – Cannasexual

Lex talks with sex educator Ashley Manta about how to incorporate cannabis into your love life. Ashley got her start by working with victims of rape and eventually moved into using weed for sexual enhancement. This episode is a double-whammy as we learn more ways to use the dynamic cannabis plant, as well as tips […] Read more

Ashley Picillo – Author and Entrepreneur

Today Lex speaks with Ashley Picillo. She’s an author and entrepreneur who co-wrote the book “Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Women, Weed & Business.” The book is a collection of true stories about women seeking their fortunes in the cannabis world. Ashley also runs her own cannabis consulting firm called Point7, so she has lots of […] Read more

Betty Aldworth – SSDP

This is the first episode in a series about Women in Weed. Lex talks to Betty Aldworth, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). She talks about her experiences as a woman in the world of weed and activism, as well as the power and ambition of today’s youth who are tackling the […] Read more