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Michael Benanav – From the Bronx to the Sahara

Michael Benanav is a writer and photographer who traveled with nomads through the Himalayas and the Sahara desert. His books capture the human struggle of remote cultures in unfamiliar settings. Read more

Johan Lolos – Adventure Photographer

Johan Lolos is a photographer of travel and far off places. His book, “Peaks of Europe,” captures the beauty and mystery of that continent’s landscape. He’s traveled widely, did a great Ted Talk, taught workshops on photography, and now works on assignment for major publications. This episode describes his journey, his method, and the experiences […] Read more

Dr Susan Trapp – Queen of the Terpenes

Terpenes are our on the tip of everyone’s tongue and today Dr. Susan Trapp explains how terpenes function within organisms and how we might reap those benefits for ourselves.   Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott Read more

Kevin Chen – Microscopic Cannabis Factories

Hyasynth Bio is hacking yeast cells to produce THC and CBD. They’re hoping to find an efficient scalable process to revolutionize the industry. Kevin Chen talks about the ups and downs of genetic manipulation, and why you should learn about bio-hacking. Twitter: @Hyasynthbio Instagram: @Hyasynthbio Facebook: Music from Brett Van Donsel Birdsong from Lang […] Read more

AgriScience Labs – Making Cannabis Safe

Kim and Hayley from AgriScience explain how they test cannabis products for THC, CBD, and harmful contaminants. We learn about the ever-changing world of regulation, the omnipresent eye of the narcotic panopticon, cutting-edge innovations in chemistry, and why cannabis products are safer than ever.   from BlueBird Botanicals Music from Brett Van Donsel Birdsong […] Read more

Dr Martha Rosenthal – The Cannabis Courseload

Dr. Martha Rosenthal is a neuroscientist who teaches about cannabis and sexuality at The Florida Gulf Coast University. Her cannabis courses are so effective that businesses are calling to hire her students. This is a vivid chat with a passionate public speaker who’s far ahead of the curve on cannabis. And please enjoy her excellent […] Read more

Dr Ingrid Walker – The Study of Drugs

Dr. Ingrid Walker wants to change the way we talk about drugs and the people who use them. Society is finally embracing the medical uses of psychedelics but what about so-called recreational users? Spiritual trippers? Or those who want to tweak their performance? Why do they have to hide in the shadows? Let’s break out […] Read more

Dr. Ken Tupper – Entheogenic Education

Dr. Ken Tupper explores the relationship between capitalism and psychedelic-spiritualism, the linguistics of terms like “drug” and “addict,” and the educational value of altered states. Dr. Tupper is Director of Implementation & Partnerships at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong […] Read more