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Len May – Genetics, Cannabis, and You

Len May matches the genetics of humans to the active chemicals of the cannabis plant. His research at Endocanna Health aims to help customers find the cultivars that will produce the most desired effect for each individual. Len has long been an activist and educator for the cannabis plant. He’s helping to overturn the outdated […] Read more

Emma Chasen – Herbal Wisdom

Emma Chasen comes from a long line of herbal witches. Her background is in biology and budtending and now she teaches businesses the science of cannabis so that they can serve their customers effectively. She talks to Lex about dispelling marijuana myths, the effects of different compounds, and the continuing resistance to cannabis in some […] Read more

Sam D’Arcangelo – Voting for Cannabis

Sam D’Arcangelo quit his job as a music journalist to focus on cannabis activism. He’s the director of the Cannabis Voter Project and has worked with the SSDP. Today he tells Lex how voting really can change public policy, and how his organization draws in the youth. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from […] Read more

Heather Thompson and Indra Lusero – Birth Justice

Today’s interview is about the rights of women during pregnancy, and whether new mothers should be persecuted for having substances like cannabis in their bloodstream during pregnancy. Lex speaks with molecular biologist Heather Thompson, and attorney Indra Lusero. They run a birth justice organization called Elephant Circle. They tell Lex about their work, their values, […] Read more

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly – The Vape Starter

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly is a vape expert. His company The Blinc Group is an incubator for vape and cannabis brands. He talks to Lex about history of vaping, the state of the business and the importance of self-regulation and standards. Arnaud is also the Chairman of the ISO (International) Standards Committee TC126/SC3 on Vapor […] Read more

Jeffrey Raber – Werc Shop Science

Dr. Jeffry Raber co-founded the Werc Shop, an independent cannabis-testing laboratory in Los Angeles. He has published papers on dabbing, cannabinoid testing, pesticides and terpene profiles. He’s also a businessman and an advocate for cannabis science and safety.   from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott Read more

Donna Shields – Cannabis Nutritionist

Donna Shields is a nutritionist who has worked in the US military and at Campbell Foods. She also co-founded the Holistic Cannabis Academy to help spread information about the nutritional and health benefits of cannabis. She talks to Lex about her entrepreneurship and her relationship with cannabis. Twitter: @holisticannabis from BlueBird Botanicals // […] Read more

Kimberly Jung and Katie Thompson – Double Episode

This double-whammy episode features military engineer turned spice trader Kimberly Jung, and culinary cannabis connoisseur Katie Thompson. In the first interview Kimberly talks about serving in Afghanistan where she learned entrepreneurial skills and discovered the opportunities of selling saffron. She witnessed trade and alliances knocking down cultural and national barriers. Then Bluebird’s own Katie Thompson […] Read more

Laurie Wolf – Cooking Cannabis

Laurie Wolf is a chef, author, and entrepreneur. She makes edibles as well as recipes to help you cook with cannabis at home. She tells Lex about her journey in the culinary world and why she chose to focus on marijuana as her primary ingredient. from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van […] Read more

Impello BioSciences – Biostimulants for Growers

Lex speaks with the founders of Impello Biosciences. They’re a startup in Fort Collins, CO that harness the power of bio-organisms to nurture growing plants such as cannabis. They explain how healthy bacteria added to the roots of plants can be used instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to help plants stay healthy and grow […] Read more