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How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice in Three Easy Steps

Meditation. The word tends to produce a pretty visceral response when you hear it. Perhaps it’s one of serene excitement, where the nervous center has a Pavlov-dogs’ style reaction to the anticipation of getting a reset. Or maybe, it’s a feeling somewhere between skepticism and revolt, where the idea of slowing down strikes your “lack-of-productivity” […] Read more

A User’s Guide to Getting Started With Cannabis

This new world of cannabis products can be daunting to understand. Given that cannabis is a frontier industry at the moment, there are many companies out there that will sacrifice the quality and integrity of what they are selling to turn a profit. These compromises can potentially have profoundly negative impacts on your overall health. […] Read more

Legal Cannabis Helps Trim Down Clandestine Grows in U.S. National Forests

While the specific locations of the growing operations may be covert, it’s no secret that illicit cannabis grow operations are peppered throughout the great American landscape – including within our national forests. Thankfully, largely in part to the rise of legal cannabis, that’s starting to change. However, it isn’t changing all that quickly. As recently […] Read more

Bluebird’s Whole Foods Market Shopping List

Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than a trip to Whole Foods Market! While I can’t say I exclusively shop at Whole Foods (it’s the fourth closest grocery store to me, okay?!), I do make it a point to get over there […] Read more

Bluebird’s Favorite Post-Exercise Rituals

From our resident rock climber Amanda to our more traditional gym birds like Maya, we at Bluebird Botanicals love to move our bodies! Today also happens to be National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, so we spoke with some (primarily female) members of the Bluebird Botanicals flock about their favorite post-exercise rituals. However, in the […] Read more

Spread Love – It’s the Bluebird of Happiness Way!

Today is a special day for the namesake of our company – it’s National Bluebird of Happiness Day! We are inevitably obliged to celebrate in style. After all, we only built our company in the spirit of a bluebird AND incorporated its very purpose into our mission to make happy and healthy lifestyles radically accessible […] Read more

Bluebird’s CBD Dirty Chai Recipe From Scratch

Yeah, we know there is a national day for everything now. And yes, we’re still gonna celebrate them whenever we want to. We’ll take any chance we can get to make and share delicious recipes, especially when we can put some good ol’ CBD in it! In honor of this made-up holiday, we created this […] Read more

Regenerative Agriculture for Earth – and Hemp!

What is regenerative agriculture? This term has been buzzing around the sustainability sphere in recent years in the same way our honey bees buzz around their favorite flowers. In essence, regenerative agriculture is the collection of farming practices designed to improve soil health and reduce carbon emissions. And it’s not only making a positive impact […] Read more

The 16 Best Eco-Friendly Products of 2019

It’s 2019 and products centered on sustainability are the name of the game. While reusable water bottles and to-go coffee cups have been front and center for years, we’re now encouraging you to go even further in helping reduce your carbon footprint. Here are the top 16 environmentally-friendly products of 2019 as selected by Bluebird […] Read more

What Else Is In CBD Oil Besides Cannabinoids?

CBD is a cannabis compound that has been taking the health and wellness realm by storm in recent years. While some prefer CBD isolate products, it’s the “full-spectrum hemp extracts” – CBD products made using the whole cannabis plant – that have been stealing a lot of the limelight.  Related Article: CBD Isolate vs. Full-Spectrum […] Read more