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How Much CBD Should I Be Taking?

How much CBD should I be taking? It’s a seemingly simple question with a myriad of possible answers. Like with most things cannabidiol-related, preferred serving size is unique to each person and related to what their individual endocannabinoid system needs. Prior to starting with CBD, like with adding any dietary supplement, it’s a good idea […] Read more

How Much CBD Should I Give My Cat?

Why would a cat need CBD? They’ve got nine lives, right? Turns out, cats can benefit from CBD in just the same way that humans and dogs can! All vertebrates, including our feline friends, are endowed with an endocannabinoid system that allows CBD to interact with the body. Basically, it’s the ultimate gift for health […] Read more

Demystifying 5 CBD Myths to Help Bring Friends and Families to Bluebird

With the holidays rolling around again, many of us will be spending a great deal of time with our families.  If you are one of our lovely Bluebird customers, you may be thinking of recommending our products to someone in your flock who could benefit from them. This can be a difficult conversation – check […] Read more

Does CBD Oil Ever Expire?

Does CBD oil have an expiration date? It most certainly does. From food to supplements to even the moisturizer you put on your face, everything eventually reaches its limit, including CBD. However, just because something has an expiration or “best by” date doesn’t mean that it actually spoils and becomes unusable at that point. CBD […] Read more

Conscious Alliance Provides One Million Meals in 2019

A Boulder, CO-based nonprofit announced a major milestone recently: they’ve provided one million meals served to families in need so far in 2019. The one million meals mark brings the total amount of meals served by Conscious Alliance to just over 4 million since the nonprofit’s founding in 2002.  Conscious Alliance accomplishes its work through […] Read more

CBD Oil vs CBD Lotion: Which is Better?

One of the first questions people have when starting a CBD regimen is, what product should I try first? There are two very popular types of CBD products – oils and lotions. How do you know which one is right for you? Full-Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs CBD Isolate Before you select your very first […] Read more

Where Does Bluebird Source Our CBD?

From the hemp plant, of course! While that’s technically true, the real answer is a bit more complex than that. Yes, our CBD comes from the hemp or Cannabis sativa plant. Yes, it has less than 0.3% THC per dry weight per federal regulations. But not all hemp is created equal. How the hemp plants […] Read more

How to Travel With CBD During the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner. For many, this can entail a whole lot of traveling. Traveling can be fun depending on your destination but, mostly, it’s just stressful and annoying during this airport-mayhem season. Sounds like a perfect situation for CBD to come in and save the day…but alas! Isn’t traveling with […] Read more

CBD Snacks Made with Thanksgiving Leftovers

It happens every year – those days and – okay – maybe even weeks after Thanksgiving. The Turkey Ghost of Dinner Table’s Past haunts your meals for long after you wish it would waltz its dark-meat thighs right out that door.  But, fear not, my friends! We’ve got a few fresh, easy snackables to help […] Read more

Introducing Sezzle – The New Way To Pay for CBD

Shopping for CBD just got way easier.  Bluebird Botanicals is excited to introduce our new partnership with Sezzle, an alternate payment platform that allows customers to pay for Bluebird’s CBD products in interest-free installments.  Now you can shop for CBD with even less stress than before, knowing that you can pay a price comfortable for […] Read more