Apply to earn $2500 for your next semester

Apply to earn $2500 for your next semester

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The Bluebird Scholarship

Caring Believing Dreaming

Bluebird Botanicals is offering a new scholarship opportunity to support compassionate changemakers in their pursuit of higher education.

Those who embody the spirit of Bluebird by caring for their community, believing they can make a difference, and dreaming big can enter for a chance to win $2,500 for school.

Key Dates

June 17: Application Open

August 9: Application Deadline

August 16: Winner Notified

August 23: Documentation Deadline

TBD: Payment Awarded

How It Works

Submit a 1000 word essay that answers the following questions


In what ways do you care for your community?


How has your project, work or community service impacted your values and beliefs?


What are your dreams for your community? How do you plan on making a lasting impact?

Application Guidelines

Be a legal U.S. Resident or F1 Visa holder

Have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA

Submit your 1000-word essay by August 9

Apply through the Bluebird website

Provide documentation of their active status as a full-time student at an accredited college or university (or a schedule for incoming freshman)

Bluebird gives back


Bluebird dreams of a world where health and happiness are radically accessible to all, and we offer the most generous assistance programs in the CBD industry.


Bluebird Botanicals cares about our community through supporting causes and nonprofits nationwide. We created the new Bluebird Scholarship to help studends live the lives they deserve.


We believe the next generation of leaders is poised to redirect how businesses operate and how this impacts our planet. Bluebird wants to invest in students as they take on higher education and prepare to change the world.

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Not ready to write an entire essay? Your application isn't due until August 9th, 2019. Leave us your email to get a reminder as the deadline approaches.