Best Vegan Supplements of 2020


Bluebird Botanicals Top Vegan Wellness Supplements

Supplements are a critical aspect to any healthy diet, especially a plant-based one. They’re designed to provide the nutrients that are sometimes lacking in our most common foods. This is especially important for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone on a restrictive diet. While the number of food options for vegans have grown exponentially over the past several years, it can still be difficult to get all the nutrients the body needs from diet alone - even if you’re eating a well-rounded diet. Therefore, supplements present an easy method for our herbivore-inclined friends to make sure they’re getting all the important vitamins and minerals they need. 

While shopping for supplements may seem relatively simple, it can require a bit of research ahead of time depending on your needs. Supplement companies often use non-vegan ingredients like gelatin capsules or animal-derived nutrients. For vegans, this can make finding an appropriate supplement much more of a challenge, and means doing some extra due diligence before heading to the store. 

To make that process a little easier, we’ve rounded up a list of the top seven vegan supplements that can help provide the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Bluebird Botanicals Classic CBD Oil

When it comes to choosing CBD products, we know that there are a lot of options. However, Bluebird has gone to great lengths to make premium hemp extracts that promote human wellness without causing harm to our animal friends. Our line of full-spectrum CBD oils are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Full-spectrum hemp extracts make a fantastic addition to any plant-based diet - or almost any diet, for that matter - by promoting mental and physical wellness. With 110+ cannabinoids plus terpenes, full-spectrum hemp extracts provide a more holistic alternative to many CBD products featuring solely CBD isolate. Bluebird’s Hemp Classic is extremely popular among CBD beginners due to its simplicity of ingredients - full-spectrum hemp extract and organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT). Labdoor, an independent supplement testing company, even gave Hemp Classic an A grade for its quality. 

Price: $34.95 for 1 oz bottle


2. NOW Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is an extremely important supplement for a plant-based diet as it helps support nervous system health and production of energy from fats and proteins. Vitamin manufacturer NOW offers a water-soluble chewable lozenge that makes it easy to get the healthy levels of B-12 that you need. Each lozenge contains 1000 mcg of B-12 alongside folic acid. The lozenges are also certified vegan, vegetarian, kosher, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Price: $16 per 120 ct bottle

3. Nutru O-Mega-Zen 3

Nutru’s O-Mega-Zen 3 supplement boasts all the benefits of fish oil...without the fish! This product offers a vegan alternative to traditional omega-3 supplements derived from fish oil. Made solely from microalgae, it actually contains an even higher concentration of DHA (a type of omega-3 fat) than fish oil. In fact, fish get their omega-3 from consuming the marine algae harvested to create this supplement. The DHA in O-Mega-Zen 3 is pure and free from the mercury, PCBs, and dioxins often found in fish. It is sustainably sourced, too, for double the eco-friendly credit.

Price: $23.99 for 40 ct bottle

4. MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin

MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin is designed to give you the energy boost you need to last you all day long. This vegan full-spectrum liquid multivitamin includes zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and other essential vitamins and minerals. The liquid format makes for easier absorption than the traditional soft gel or pill format and it has a natural raspberry flavor. On top of being certified vegan, MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin is also made from organic ingredients that are celiac friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free. 

Price: $33.94 for 32 oz bottle

5. Deva Vegan Calcium-Magnesium Plus

Deva Nutrition specializes in a wide range of vegan and vegetarian supplements. Their Calcium-Magnesium Plus vitamin is a must-have for plant-based folks who may have a hard time getting these important nutrients from their diet alone. In addition to magnesium and calcium, this powerful supplement also contains vitamin D2, vitamin K, zinc, boron, copper, and vitamin C to help maintain healthy development and structure of bones. 

Price: $6.13 per 90 ct bottle

6. MegaFood Blood Builder

Iron is another nutrient that’s important for healthy blood and bones, yet it can be difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet. Luckily, MegaFood has just the thing to keep vegans happy and healthy. Their Blood Builder supplement delivers 26 mg of iron in addition to folic acid and vitamin B12 for healthy red blood cell production. This supplement also features beetroot and vitamin C from organic oranges to support iron absorption. MegaFood takes the quality of their supplements seriously and tests all of their products for 125+ herbicides and pesticides. They use non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free ingredients in all of their products. And, like Bluebird, they’re also a Certified B Corporation®.

Price: $27.48 per 90 ct bottle