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It’s only been a few weeks since the 2018 Farm Bill passed and further affirmed the legality of hemp. Yet, CBD products are already lining the shelves of supermarkets and natural product stores. Unsurprisingly, many of these popular CBD products are gummies and sugary beverages.

When it comes to health supplements, we believe there’s a strong case for keeping them as pure and natural as possible. At Bluebird Botanicals, we keep our hemp extracts free of added sugar and artificial flavoring in favor of natural, nutritious ingredients designed to maximize the benefits of CBD.

No Added Sugar

refined sugar

A wide variety of research had shown a number of negative side effects of consuming refined sugar. Unfortunately, the modern American diet often includes large amounts of processed foods laden with sugar and artificial sweeteners. According to the National Cancer Institute, adult men consume an average of 24 teaspoons of added sugar per day, equivalent to 384 calories.

In regards to CBD products, gummies are often a major culprit of refined sugar. They can still have nutritional value because of the cannabinoid and mineral content, but gummies are a lot closer to candy than they are to supplements.

Additionally, ConsumerLab revealed that some gummy supplements do not contain their listed amounts of vitamins or minerals. The report stated, “We continue to find more problems with candy-like vitamins like gummies than with the traditional forms, such as tablets and caplets.”

“Manufacturing challenges associated with candy-like products likely explain the higher incidence of problems. Gummies are notoriously difficult to manufacture because it is hard to measure in the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals (some are simply sprayed on a candy base) and the ingredients in a gummy are more likely to degrade…”

Bluebird is not in this business to sell candy – we’re here to deliver the most natural hemp extracts on the market. Instead of using refined sugar and artificial flavors, we use healthy, natural oils like hemp seed oil and olive oil to serve as the carrier for our full-spectrum hemp extracts. If you try Bluebird’s Classic or Signature blends, you’ll get an ideal 3:1 ratio of omegas 6 and 3 fatty acids from the cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

But...What About Taste?

Although many CBD users enjoy the natural flavor of hemp, others may find it too strong or bitter for their tastes.

For flavorless CBD options, capsules are a great starting point. Bluebird Botanicals' CBD gel capsules contain 15mg of full-spectrum hemp extract emulsified in pressed hemp seed oil. Likewise, we also produce an unflavored CBD vape oil. Our vape oil works with most vaporizers and contains only our CBD isolate, making it flavorless and easy to enjoy.

Or, you can simply pick up some of our powdered CBD isolate. We use a vaporization and distillation process to separate CBD from the other cannabinoids in hemp. The final result is a 99% pure CBD product free of any additives. 

Make Your Own CBD Treats

CBD & Honey

Still craving CBD you can snack on? Luckily, there are a variety of ways to add hemp extract to your diet in a nutritious way. You can go the simple route and add a dropperful of CBD oil to a spoonful of organic honey. You can also blend your own CBD smoothie with your favorite produce. Mango, for example, is a delicious smoothie addition that is great at masking the taste of hemp.

For the creative chefs out there, you can also infuse CBD into your own homemade meals. Or, try a couple of our Bluebird recipes and DIY CBD snacks. CBD is lipid soluble, so remember to combine your hemp extracts with healthy fats to maximize your body’s absorption of the nutrients!