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Enjoy our same great formulas, now with more CBD! Buy one get one free when two or more qualifying items are added to the cart! Enjoy our same great formulas, now with more CBD! Buy one get one free when two or more qualifying items are added to the cart!
Bluebird Botanicals Top 10 CBD products for the holidays

‘Tis the season! For gratitude, spending time with family, and...oh shoot, having to figure out what gifts to get everyone on your holiday shopping list. 

Don’t worry, friend. CBD has your back.

With CBD basically winning the “emerging supplement” award for 2019, chances are nearly everyone you’re shopping for is intrigued by, if not already using, our hempy friend cannabidiol. Not only that, but the types of CBD products you can buy are vast and wide. And the best part about CBD? It’s the gift of wellness, so it truly is a choice option for anyone on your list. After all, what’s better than helping those you love to own their health? 

If CBD sounds like something you want to make it on your holiday shopping list, read on for Bluebird’s picks for the best gifts, stocking stuffers, and otherwise all-around festive hemp extract products to get you geared up for whatever you’re celebrating. 

1. Bluebird Botanicals’ Holiday Sample Pack

Chirp, chirp. A little bird told us this one’s good for those who like the spice of life - or who are maybe a little on the indecisive side. Bluebird’s limited-edition holiday sample packs give you the best of three worlds (or the three wisest of men). You’ll find Hemp Classic, Hemp Signature, and Hemp Complete are all tucked shoulder to shoulder in a festive box sure to elicit a smile from any recipient.

Give the gift of self-care this season. Shop Bluebird’s Holiday Sample Pack for that perfect present: a sampling of CBD.

The best part? By providing a 30-day supply of CBD for the typical user, this gift keeps giving long after the holidays are over. And, when you shop Bluebird, you know you're shopping from a B Corp™ Certified company you can trust.

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2. Authentic Hemp Company’s Nourishing Lip Balm

What’s one of the worst things about the whipping winds of winter? Chapped lips. 

Help your gift recipients combat that effect while winning “gift giver of the year,” by stuffing their stockings with CBD Lip Balms from the Authentic Hemp Company. They come in three tasty varieties of coconut, spearmint, and key lime, and each balm packs a 25 mg serving of CBD in its 0.15 oz tube. 

Simple. Affordable. CBD. 

3. Moksha White Raspberry Coconut CBD Chocolate

Mmm, mmm, chocolate. This white raspberry coconut CBD chocolate from Moksha also makes a great stocking stuffer option - just make sure they’re hung high enough above the fire that it doesn’t risk melting. 

This delectable offering from Moksha is just plain delicious. It features white chocolate blended with tart freeze-dried raspberries, producing a balanced combination of tanginess and sweetness. It utilizes a “broad-spectrum” CBD, meaning it’s got all of the cannabinoid goodness alongside CBD – except for THC. This makes it a great option for anyone - including those who may have THC sensitivities. And its packaging, with hues of pink and gold, will look perfectly festive alongside your holiday decor.

4. CBD Seltzer from Queen City Hemp

Bubble water just got even better.

This CBD seltzer from Queen City Hemp is sure to make a splash as a holiday gift item. With fantastic flavors like lemon lavender, guava, and blood orange with 5 mg of CBD per serving, Queen City gets it right. All of their CBD seltzer options are sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free, so this refreshing drink is appropriate for all.

5. CBD Drinkable Botanicals from Monk Provisions

Bubbles not your thing? Luckily, we’ve got another CBD beverage that’s perfect for gift-giving.  The Monk Provisions Sampler Box contains five 4 oz varieties of drinkable botanicals with CBD: Tumeric Lemon, Ginger Maple, Grapefruit Cayenne, Cinnamon Citrus Shrub, and Rosemary Orange Peel. Monk Provisions uses natural, locally-sourced ingredients in small-batch production, and the passion of their plant mixologists can be tasted in each carefully balanced sip.

6. 500 Year CBD-infused Olive Oil from House of Spain

Bluebird Botanicals House of Spain 500 Year CBD Olive Oil

This bottle of olive oil is anything but ordinary. House of Spain’s CBD-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in Portland, Oregon using ancient olive trees no less than 500 years old growing in the nutrient-rich Mediterranean Sea beds of southern Spain. The CBD used in this olive oil is THC-Free and is free from heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. It boats 10 mg of CBD per tablespoon-size serving. 

7. Better Seasoning from Eva Worldwide

This one is for all your favorite chefs. This CBD seasoning is a great option for spicing up your holiday favorites. Choose from garlic and herb, barbecue, creole, and garlic pepper CBD seasoning options. 

Vegan, organic, and gluten-free, Better Seasoning uses hemp Flower Powder in their blends, each with 2,000 mg of whole plant CBD per container. It’s a fast and simple way to add cannabinoids and superfood nutrition to any holiday classic. 

8. CBD Tea - Lagom CBD Tea Sample Pack

There’s been a lot of buzz about CBD coffees, but this CBD Tea Sample Pack from Lagom really stands out. It’s THC-Free, comes with six tea options, and each bag has 15 mg of CBD. The flavors sound varied and delicious: Rooibos Orange, Mate Chai, Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, and Lavender Chamomile. Please note the caffeine content does vary based on the variety of CBD tea.

9. CBD Pet Treats from Honest Paws

Can’t forget Fido!

These all-natural CBD pet treats are a great pick for the furrier members of your family. They’ve got several flavor varieties, including Creamy Coconut and Tasty Turmeric, so you can customize to account for your pet’s preferred taste. 

These treats are made with non-GMO ingredients, and are made using all-natural ingredients. Honest Paws also uses third-party laboratory tested to ensure safety and efficacy, so your pet is sure to be pleased with this gift. 
Bluebird Botanicals Companion CBD Oil also makes a great option for canines and felines alike - you can mix it with their food or deliver it in capsule format.

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