Save 40% on all Companion CBD! No code needed. Save 40% on all Companion CBD! No code needed.

Hey everybody!

A LOT has been happening at Bluebird, and we've got quite a few updates to share with you all to get you up to speed. (see bottom for promotional details)

Alfalfa s

1. Our hemp products are now on shelves in the Wellness Department of Alfalfa's Market in downtown Boulder, CO, and will soon be on shelves at their Louisville location as well. If you feel inclined, please stop by their stores to support them, Bluebird, and this evolution in the cannabis/hemp industry.


2. We recently signed an extensive contract with The Denver Post, the most widely read newspaper in Colorado. We were on the front page last Saturday and in the Main News on Sunday (picture to the right- unfortunately there are some sad stories that were covered alongside). And asides from the paper last weekend, we'll be undergoing other promotional projects with The Denver Post throughout 2015 and 2016.


3. Separately from the above described agreement, Bluebird Botanicals will be presenting and sponsoring (our logo exclusively included in all event materials), giving a speech, and presenting an award at The Cannabist Business Awards at The Denver Post headquarters on December 15th (The Cannabist is an award winning cannabis journalism website owned by The Denver Post). We expect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to participate in the voting and to watch the live online stream of the awards ceremony.


4. Our new, state-of-the-art Apeks CO2 extractor arrived last week!

We also just ordered a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system for advanced internal analysis of our products, which will be here in 3-7 weeks (we'll still continue to use 3rd party labs as well).


Left to right: Jessica Bacon, Quinatzin De La Torre, Steven Ostrom

5. We were at the National Cannabis Summit in Denver last week. Look at these beautiful Bluebirds!

The National Cannabis Summit is a cannabis networking event that includes a trade show, conferences and speeches by industry leaders.


6. As of today, the new Bluebird Site we've been working on has been fully launched!

The new site is compatible with all devices, has an easier checkout process, a new order/shipping system integrated into it, not to mention it's much more beautiful than the previous site!

7. In celebration of our recent milestones, we'd like to extend a 30%-off store wide sale to you and yours. The coupon code is october30, and the sale will last for one week, from now until 10/26/15 at Midnight MST. Thank you, and much love! The Bluebirds