We've Lowered Our Hemp Product Prices! - Bluebird Botanicals
Enjoy our same great formulas, now with more CBD! Buy one get one free when two or more qualifying items are added to the cart! Enjoy our same great formulas, now with more CBD! Buy one get one free when two or more qualifying items are added to the cart!
Hi everyone! We are happy to let you know (among a few other things) that we just lowered the prices of all our hemp products, across the board. There were multiple factors that lead to this lowered pricing structure. For example, we have increased our infrastructure and manpower to be able to better streamline our procedures, we've decreased our average monetary overhead per week in various ways, we have more favorable agreements with our contracted farmers than we had previously, and we've consistently increased our bottles sold per day over the last couple years. These factors plus others have given us the resources and ability to increase our efficiencies in many areas, and thus lower our prices. And our world-class quality, consistency, and purity remain unaltered. As a creator and leader of the hemp extract industry, we hope to continue to move the market in this direction, where quality hemp products can be more affordable and accessible to more and more people. Due to the nature of our industry in the USA, having to import our hemp products from overseas, and due to the nature of business itself, in order to exist as a company and be able to offer these products in the first place, we've in the past unfortunately had to offer our cannabinoid oils at higher prices than we would ideally like to. But know that we are taking as many practical steps as we can to make quality hemp products more affordable. And FYI, don't forget that first time orders receive 20% off as well, with the coupon code firstorder.
           Also in the news for Bluebird:
1. We will soon be offering on our website a >99% cannabinoid extract, which is a golden-yellow crystalline powder. We feel a full-spectrum extract (everything we currently offer is 'full spectrum') has a great value that isolated chemicals may not be able to offer, but we also understand that regardless, there is a demand for an ultimately pure cannabidiol extract, >99%. Most raw hemp extracts on the market range from 5-25% potency, but we will be offering a hemp based cannabinoid extract with over 99% purity! It's already available for wholesale, but soon it will be on the website as a finished product. 2. We just expanded our office space! We are keeping our current office as the Bluebird Headquarters, and have leased additional space (2x the size of the HQ) down the street for increased operational ability. We are excited about this, as we've certainly overgrown our current space and have been feeling a bit cramped! 3. We have a brand new, top notch website being developed at the moment by some of the most credentialed website developers in Denver, CO, which should be ready for launch within 6-8 weeks. It won't be lacking the traditional Bluebird 'vibe', but it will have more user-friendliness, aesthetic beauty, ease of ordering, ease of locating specific information, better software integration, more shipping options, and more. 4. We plan to install a fully functional, FDA-compliant industrial kitchen/laboratory in our new office space. In this regard, and until then, we have been undertaking our hemp oil production at a local, shared kitchen space, (called the Kitchen Coop) which is a massive, incredibly diverse, FDA-compliant production facility, and has actually been audited by the FDA (or by privately contracted auditors for the FDA) 8 times. All the Bluebird employees who utilize the Kitchen Coop facilities had to take a food safety training course to be able to use the facilities, and we've actually adopted some of the strictest global standards for processing digestible items such as food or dietary supplements. For example, we hired a third party to help us develop a HACCP plan (which we will also incorporate at our privately owned kitchen space when it's ready), which is a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan, which in laymen terms means we've identified every step in our manufacturing process in which something could possibly go wrong (bacteria, cross-contamination of allergens, mold, etc.) and have implemented methods to mitigate any potential problem. It's been awesome and educational working at the Kitchen Coop, but we're definitely planning and excited to bring our production in-house! And if you haven't seen already, do check out About Us and Why Choose Bluebird? to learn more about Bluebird, our procedures, and more! We are wishing you and your loved ones the very best! The Bluebirds 720.726.5132 FREE bluebirdbotanicals.com info@bluebirdbotanicals.com